I have hopes.

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”
– Jose Addison

I couldn’t agree more. 

The latter essential, “something to hope for”, got me thinking.

I have hopes on different levels.  I have the usual hopes that my children will grow up and be Christ-followers.  I have hopes that they will be happy and experience as few as hurts as possible.

I have hopes that I will grow old with Kris.

I have hopes that one day chocolate will be an aid in weight loss.

I have hopes that I will get my butt in gear and write a book.

I have hopes that I will experience Disney World with my children.

I have hopes that God will always provide.

I have hopes that He is control.

I have hopes that Anna’s daily outfit choices will improve.

I have hopes that there is life eternal.

I have hopes.

How ‘bout you?  You got some hopes?


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6 responses to “I have hopes.

  1. Judy

    I hope to hold and love my great grandchildren and watch them grow.

  2. Amanda Morgan

    I hope that my children and my grand children will long outlive me.
    I hope that my parents will live a very long time.
    I hope that I can grow very old with my precious husband Jeff.
    I hope that God doesn’t give up on me.
    I hope that God continues to give me strength.
    I hope that my children will remain children for as long as possible.
    I hope that I can be the godly woman, wife and mother that God calls me to be.
    I hope that Gods love and grace shines through me.
    I hope that I will always be the tearful emotional sap that God has made me. (-:
    I hope that Dusty will always have this blog.

  3. Lots of hope but usually in a more general sense. Does that make any sense?

  4. I have seen a lot of my hopes come true.
    I have seen a lot of my hopes be better than I could have ever hoped for.
    I still have lots of hopes!

    Oh – and grands are the greatest!! I hope that for all of you too!

  5. Good luck with the daily outfit choices, LOL.

  6. Hope is relying on the promises of Jesus and expecting him to deliver!

    Great post.

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