Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant!

Okay.  Soooo, what ya think?  Really? 

My thoughts….as a momma, certainly not any kind of politician:

I have a little girl.

Dear Jesus, I hope she is not sitting at seventeen expecting a little pride and joy.

But, if she is.

There are worse things.

I could lose a child.

This is do-able.  Amen?

My mom was 17 when she was blessed to marry John Buren.

At 19, she gave birth to Dusty Leigh.

And, y’all know how smart my momma is.

Whatcha think?


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17 responses to “Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant!

  1. Karen

    Since I’ve done both, I feel I can answer this. At 15 I was married & pregnant. At 16 a mother. At 22, divorced. Then I met Chris. I feel sorry for Bristol. Her life as a child is over. No more running with her friends. No sleeping for 10 hours straight. If they get married, the odds are so stacked against them, it isn’t funny. Marriage is hard work, & teens don’t have the necessary skills to make it work long term. That’s not to say it will certainly end like mine did. But the odds are against it.

    This situation is why I’m positive teaching abstinence only isn’t complete. Educate the kids about birth control, & the use of condoms. What could have been considered a mistake has changed this child in more ways than any could know.

    As for losing a child, nothing that I know of can equate. It goes against the seemingly natural order for a parent to bury a young child.

  2. I think a lot of things, nothing bad really. But mostly I hurt for the girl.

    I hurt for her because right about now she is probably wishing she’d listened to some people who told her to abstain from sex or to at least use birth control. Maybe she did and it failed. I don’t know. But, had she not had sex, she wouldn’t be here and I hurt for her heart that is probably regretting some things right now.

    On the other hand, I am pleased that there is still life inside of her. She may not be ready at 17 to be mother…some of us aren’t ready at 25….but she will be one. In a day and age where unborn children are discarded like the morning trash, I applaud her. Whether she keeps this child or not, this child will have a life.

    And maybe he/she will find a cure for something. Or help others. Or love the unlovely.

    Lots of hope, I see.

  3. Karen, I hope everyone reads your comment. I was taught abstinence growing up. That was it. I was fortunate that I listened. But, now that I have a daughter of my own, I struggle with teaching only teaching abstinence. The what if’s are frightening. You should really write a post on this subject.

    Cindy, oh how I hurt for this girl, too. I guess the hope comes from being surrounded by people who love her. It won’t be easy, no matter what. But, I know that God is good.

  4. Reading case files from Family and Children Services on a regular basis shows me how emotionally needy our teens are and how ignorant they are of their bodies. One that I read recently had baby number three by 18. I agree with teaching abstinence, but let’s not leave our children ignorant. Knowledge is not permission.

  5. I think it takes guts, confidence, for Sarah to receive the challenge of VP nominee, KNOWING the media, to lay down her life for help better others. To stand for what you believe, that is faith. I believe Bristol knew she affected others lives, & wants to make it better, by standing in this wonderful Grace & mercy we have in our lives from the Lord. I believe she was raised with this unconditional love. And Bristol will make it with her new husband together! God will give her strength. God can take a seemingly “mistakes” & turn them around for good! I know that, because He has done that for me, & I am sure, you.
    This is an exciting time in History, we will see God have the Glory in this! And by the way, Barbara Goss is an amazing great woman of God! And you are your parents example of love, Dusty!

  6. Judy

    Why we even know of this heartbreak and very private matter touches the very deepest part of my heart. I am sure Bristol will be a wonderful mother, my fear is for how she will feel about her country before the media goes on to the next hot topic. God bless Bristol for her courage.

  7. I have problems with the media they way they are handling it, If it was Joe Biden’s (a man) daughther, would much be said about it? I don’t have problem’s with Sarah Palin nor her daughter, my heart goes out to them and their family, what I believe is that our “creator” God, which only He can create, does NOT make mistakes, His creations are not mistakes, however, we can go outside His timing and do things on “our own” and God’s grace & mercy will be there for us…and He still loves us, I have never seen a child yet that I thought was a “mistake”, They are a gift and a reward from the Lord, Psalms 127:3, I agree with Cindy, who knows what this child may grow up to be!

  8. Bravo Barbara! You are right!

  9. Judy

    Amen Sista Barbara!

  10. I hate seeing children wanting to grow up so fast. So much time to be an adult

  11. Sharon

    I think that, right or wrong, this happens in many American families. I think Bristol is a brave girl to move forward with her pregnancy. I think her family is doing a wonderful job supporting her and reassuring her. I DON’T think this should affect how people view Sara Palin and her nomination as Vice President. If anything it should show what a kind, loving mother she is and how she handles herself with adversity. My heart too, hurts for this girl and her loss of innocence.

  12. miranda

    Lets see, I was 18 when I found out I was going to have a little one and at 19 there she was. I dont agree with marrying the guy just because you are having a kid with them—that would have been my mistake. I would not change anything although I hope my daughter waits till she is married, but if she dont then that is a bridge we will cross if that happens and I will be by her side–just like my parents and entire family were. We all hope our kids grow up and not do the things that we did, but we all know it is probably going to happen. Some teenagers have to grow up a lot sooner than others bc of the choices they have made—part of life

  13. Miranda, you immediately became a beautiful mother. Mothers young and older could learn from you. You have always put Miss Jessica Leigh (the “Leigh” is after me….I thought you all should know) first. I’ve learned a lot about parenting from watching you do it so well.

  14. Dennis

    The Republican Party has normally taken a very conservative stance on teen pregnancy. This is a clear political move on the part of democrats to portray a Republican Candidate as not fulfilling her “proposed” moral obligation as a parent to be able to lead her child not to have sex in her teens or before marriage—–It is ridiculous, but a legitimate political move. The overbearing issue is that it involves a 17 year old girl being put on a stage and judged by the media and the public…..that is what is sad.

    Growing up in the Church I have been made aware of the lucky and unlucky in regards to pregnancy and sex before marriage. Most individuals I know have had sex before marriage (you can be shocked, but these people all attended church and were all taught that God thought it was bad). People can choose believe it goes on or not. Sometimes it doesn’t….some people wait. I do believe they are in the minority. I know a good many people that have entered into marriage without having sex and ended up divorced…..which I was taught that God thought was not good as well (except for certain situations). To get back to my initial sentence of the paragraph, the lucky ones just didn’t get pregnant….the unlucky ones did.

    As Christians of multi-denominatial, non-denominatial backgrounds, we have so many different beliefs. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at our beliefs and see how much our own experience shapes what “we” think God is O.K. with. We justify many of our actions and our opinions by having God fit into our lives—-so we can sleep at night without guilt. The truth that we all know is that he really “works to guide us” in our journey through life. As far as the little things that one can view as shameful or sinful, I leave that up to God to put on someone’s conscience. I follow John Wesley’s thoughts on what Christians must promote—this is Paraphrased, but here it goes…….: “On the big things 1)Is Christ your Lord, 2) Did he die for your sins?—Stand strong and never back down. But on the small things: Bickering about what is sinful and what is not, “speak and let others speak their thoughts and allow yourself to be spoken to by your God….and then act in your life what Christ guides you.”

    Sorry for the long response. Dusty, as a response to your post, I will teach my Sons Abstinence and Sexual Precaution EQUALLY as proper protection against pregnancy and emotional damage that can be brought about from sex at an early and unprepared age. For me to not teach both I think would make me very nieve. We can all give our children the perfect directions to build their lives, but how many times do we find ourselves (especially thost guys out there) having to go back and read the instruction manual because we jumped in thinking we didn’t need it.

    Maybe this is how God felt about giving us Free Will. He knew he could lay out the best plan, but like we see with our Children that posess that same Free Will, they won’t always follow it…….and we LOVE them none the less.


  15. I just keep thinking if it had been me at 17 I would want my mom to be available walk through a very scary time with me. I can’t imagine any 17 year old is “ready” to be a parent. Of course she made a mistake (don’t you love how we all refer to premarital sex/pregnancy as a “mistake” and not sin?) but now there’s a baby coming — a sweet, innocent, Baby-Magic smellin’ baby. I think Palin was a great pick for VP – but the momma inside me wishes she could just ignore politics for a while and help her daughter when the little one gets here.

  16. I am so with Kim. I think she needs her mommy right now more then ever, and being VP there will not be much time for family.

    Dusty it was great getting to know you at Bible Study! See you next week.

  17. Praying for Sarah Palin and her family… I’m glad the daughter Bristol chose “Life” for the baby and they will be just fine, it wont be an easy road; however it will be a road they can definitely travel. The father of the child has committed to marry the young lady… again, it won’t be easy but they will be just fine…

    Let’s face it Bristol’s mom will be the next Vice-President of the United States and she will probably have more support and help than she would if her mother remained the Governor of Alaska… not to mention the Secret Service will be at the young couples side. When “Life” gives you lemons… make lemonade.

    Here is what the Palin’s said:

    “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.”

    A few important words the Palin’s said: grow up, responsibilities, adulthood, and unconditional love.

    Focus on the Family founder James Dobson issued a statement commending the Palins

    “for not just talking about their pro-life and pro-family values, but living them out even in the midst of trying circumstances.” He added: “Being a Christian does not mean you’re perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord.”

    I’m done!

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