Oh, Autumn. You’re just too marvelous for words.

Hello Fall!  Well, almost.  October is here.  Hip, hip hooray!  I’ve never heard a living soul say “I don’t like Fall.”  The foliage turns into the most perfect colors.  It provides the most enjoyable months, weather wise, in the Sooner State.  The winter months here are COLD, and I’ve experienced far too many icy road conditions and power outages.  Spring brings tornadoes and hair destroying winds.  And summers are so dang hot, it melts my make-up.  So, Fall it is.

I remember when I first moved to Oklahoma (a.k.a. tornado alley).  I noticed an umbrella broken in half lying in Kris’ backyard.  (I’m sure cleaning that up was on his list of things to do.)  “High winds”, he said.  High winds my, um my….my hiney.  In the words of my grandma, Callie Mae, “I’m not going to gee-haw with you,” I told him.  Try TORNADO.  I suppose he thought I would turn myself right ‘round and head back south if I knew the truth.  Thus, the lies began.

Oh, I kid.

Anyhoo, I do love this time of year.  I celebrate my birthday – my favorite day of the year.  Right, Cindy?  I light pumpkin-scented candles and bake pumpkin bread.  I sit on my back porch and enjoy my 2 inches of yard.  I pull out my yummy sweaters and embrace them as though I’m seeing an old friend.  I LOVE this time.  Did I mention that?

What do you love most about this time of year? 

Oh, and I so had you going on that “baking” part, didn’t I?


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16 responses to “Oh, Autumn. You’re just too marvelous for words.

  1. Yes! Only 364 more days to go, for me 🙂

  2. kristen fountain

    things I love about this time of year:

    spiced cider
    pumpkin bread
    pumpkin drinks at starbucks
    falling leaves
    pumpkin carving
    falltime decor
    my halloween socks
    candy corn
    the fair (corndogs and caramel apples)
    no AC

    YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! I’m in the same boat — I LOVE this time of year!!

  3. Dusty Takle

    Kristen, you KNOW what you like about this time of year. You had me on the starbucks, but you lost me on the halloween socks 🙂

  4. Doug

    Did you light a “Baked Pumpkin Bread” candle or actually bake the bread? Just kidding, ask anyone who has tried you one of your world famous genuine home baked ham.

  5. Doug

    Did you light a “Baked Pumpkin Bread” candle or actually bake the bread? Just kidding, ask anyone who has tried you one of your world famous genuine home baked hams.

  6. Dusty Takle

    Doug, I think you know the answer to that one. And, I’m so glad my baked ham is now WORLD famous. Who knows. I might just develop my skillz in the kitchen after all.

  7. This is also my favorite time of the year. We head to Florida today for the month!!! Yeah!!!
    I love the changing leaves and everything about fall. Can hardly wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!!

  8. This time of year is the bomb. I think turning the page from a heat packed summer, and getting some cool days puts hope in us that something differnt is around the corner. My favorite stuff is birthday, football(sorry dawgs), and seeing friends who will make the gulf coast soon. Love ya dusty, can i suggest buy the baked goods from a pro, you light the candles!

  9. Dusty Takle

    Linda, it can’t get here fast enough! Can’t wait to see YOU!

    Mike, I appreciate your concern in the baking department. But, “you never know.” Right?

  10. got me! you never know!!!

  11. Kate

    Now I KNOW you didn’t make that pumpkin bread! Felt good to say it, though, didn’t it?

  12. Pumkin bread? I want some

  13. Gayla

    I LOVE this time of year, too….just gives you a warm, yummy feeling inside….Pumpkin bread….Costco has a kit…or Jennifer has a recipe for pumpkin muffins to die for….

  14. Yes, the fall is beautiful, just breathing in fresh air, like Kristen, no AC, people seem to perk up during the fall, have energy. lol, great blog!

  15. Amanda Morgan

    I love the hoody jackets, my sweaters, seeing my babies in jeans. I love a big pot of homemade stew, chili, beans and ham with a big ole’ batch of cornbread. I enjoy decorating with the haystacks, indian corn, pumpkins and scarecrows and watching the Charlie Brown specials. I love the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. I love the trees and landscape down at the OU campus. I absolutely LOVE Fall.

  16. Dusty Takle

    Kate, it did feel good. You know me all too well.

    Roger, I’ll let ya know as soon as it’s ready.

    Gayla, do you think Jennifer would share her secret?

    Lynn, you’re right. Fall is energizing!

    Amanda, I’m watching a big ol batch of cornbread now myself. Thank you.

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