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The wardrobe saga continues.

Thirty-eight degrees outside.

And, this is what she put on.

“You’re going to freeze, Anna!  It’s very cold outside!”

“No, I won’t.  I’ll wear a jacket.”  She explained.


Watch your back and your over-sized shades, Rachel Zoe.  Anna Takle is hot on your trail.



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Oh, Autumn. You’re just too marvelous for words.

Hello Fall!  Well, almost.  October is here.  Hip, hip hooray!  I’ve never heard a living soul say “I don’t like Fall.”  The foliage turns into the most perfect colors.  It provides the most enjoyable months, weather wise, in the Sooner State.  The winter months here are COLD, and I’ve experienced far too many icy road conditions and power outages.  Spring brings tornadoes and hair destroying winds.  And summers are so dang hot, it melts my make-up.  So, Fall it is.

I remember when I first moved to Oklahoma (a.k.a. tornado alley).  I noticed an umbrella broken in half lying in Kris’ backyard.  (I’m sure cleaning that up was on his list of things to do.)  “High winds”, he said.  High winds my, um my….my hiney.  In the words of my grandma, Callie Mae, “I’m not going to gee-haw with you,” I told him.  Try TORNADO.  I suppose he thought I would turn myself right ‘round and head back south if I knew the truth.  Thus, the lies began.

Oh, I kid.

Anyhoo, I do love this time of year.  I celebrate my birthday – my favorite day of the year.  Right, Cindy?  I light pumpkin-scented candles and bake pumpkin bread.  I sit on my back porch and enjoy my 2 inches of yard.  I pull out my yummy sweaters and embrace them as though I’m seeing an old friend.  I LOVE this time.  Did I mention that?

What do you love most about this time of year? 

Oh, and I so had you going on that “baking” part, didn’t I?


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