Somebody needs to get his ears checked.

Remember this post?  A more recent conversation: 

Anna:  Mom, I want a Bratz doll on my birthday list.

Me:  No, Anna.  I don’t like Bratz dolls.

Anna:  Why?

Me:  They just don’t look like they have Jesus in them.  (Judgmental.   Pharasaical.  I know.  It’s all I could pull out on such short notice.)

After this conversation, Anna did what all children do when one parent says no.

Anna:  Dad, can I have a Bratz doll for my birthday?

Kris:  Sure, honey.

Upon hearing this discourse from the living room, I inquired:

Me:   Kris, what did Anna just ask you?

Kris:  She said she wanted a rat dog for her birthday, and I told her okay.

The fact that Anna wants a Bratz doll no longer concerns me  I’m now worried that her father would let her have a rat dog.


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13 responses to “Somebody needs to get his ears checked.

  1. Karen

    Dusty, that would be selective hearing, & it starts at an early age. You will need to combat this before it becomes ingrained as he ages. I know this from personal experience. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

  2. manymeadows

    haha…typical dad with a daughter. 🙂 “Sure honey…”

  3. I chuckled out loud.
    My boys would have an easier time convincing me THEY want a doll before they can talk me into any kind of rat…or dog…or a hybrid thereof.

  4. LOL! We don’t allow Bratz here either – but we do have a rat terrier – would that be a rat dog? Still LOL!

  5. Doug

    Well I guess we are bad, becasue Jenna had several of the dolls and she also had one of the cars. I thinks Boo turned out alrght even with the dolls. I do agree with the selective listening comment. Say hey to Sharon for me. Also Jen & Kate.

  6. Brenda

    LOL. By the way, what is a Rat Dog?

  7. I love your blogs, they are sooo funny! Ha ha! ilu

  8. Okay, that had me laughing. Really laughing.

  9. Des

    LOI. As a dad, I can relate. I would have probably said it was ok for her to have both.

  10. Christie

    I’m still wondering what a Rat Dog is too??

  11. Meag29

    This is absolutely hilarious!!! I love it!
    Sound just like my girls!

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