What a mess.

Sunday was a reasonably productive day.  We accomplished many household items that have been awaiting our attention for quite some time.  Most of you know the effort it takes to achieve these self-inflicted projects while simultaneously insuring that the little people are occupied.  Not so much an issue for little person number one. 

But, you know little person number two.

You KNOW little person number two.

Kris thought Anna would best be suited for coloring in our bed while catching some flicks on Noggin.  Daddy gave her the supply box.


And, later that evening, Kris discovered her creation.


Oh, I’m sorry.  Can’t make out what this is?

Look again.


That would be what’s left of our comforter on our bed.

Kris called me into to see what our artist had crafted.  And, suddenly I was ready to chase the Grey Goose instead of the Wild Goose, if you know what I mean.  But, only for about a second.  Or two.

You know what I did?

I laughed. {I can hardly believe it either.}

I couldn’t help myself.  And, I certainly didn’t let Anna see or hear my reaction.  Because, if she ever cuts my draperies I’ll be chasing more than Grey Goose.

I still love that girl just as much with my shredded bedding as I did before her encounter with a pair of scissors.  The same way our heavenly Father loves us when we shred something He has given us or entrusted us with.  He knows we are going to make a mess of things.  Again.  And, again.  But, He keeps on loving us.  He keeps on extending mercy.  And, He continues to wait with arms wide open for us to run to Him and tell Him how sorry we are.  Not because He needs to hear it or because He wants to see our shame.  But, because He wants – He longs – to show us His unfailing love. 

Later that evening I opened my arms wide to a broken-hearted little girl.  And, I made sure she felt my love.  I feel certain she did.

But seriously, have you ever seen such craziness?

For real.


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17 responses to “What a mess.

  1. Christie

    my imagination had it a lot worse!!! Proud of you girl!! Save that grey goose for real emergencies! love ya!! enjoyed seeing you on ‘snipe’ hehe—da da da da (ok -that ain’t looking a thing like the new kids song. )

  2. Reminds me when Seth dumped Dawn dish washing liquid into our pond with a circulating pump.

    You do the math.

  3. manymeadows

    Woo-Hoo!! NEW comforter!! heehee!! (how much did you pay her…j/k)

    And I DIDN’T miss the point of your post…Thank God He loves us the way He does….Love the word picture of open arms.

  4. reminds me of the time precious kristen wrote all over her entire body n face with a black sharpie marker!!! we all know thats a permanent marker!!! it would take me all day 2 tell all the messes karsen has created!!!

  5. Well, thats a mess indeed, but think of the memories!!! the perfect stuff gets boring! It is funny what sticks in our memory banks as parents this one will be a good one. One easter we got the kids little baby chicks for a surprise and Cadence let hers get under her big foot and soon we performed a funeral service for a squashed chick on RESURRECTION SUNDAY.

  6. Wow, that ministered to me, the part about God waiting for us to run to Him….but I couldn’t help but be amused at Ms Anna! You are amazing!
    ha ha! Great blog! I have a story or two or three, tucked away but the girls would kill me. ha! ilu

  7. Dusty Takle

    Christie, remind me to show you the NKOTB dance.

    Cindy, laughing out loud.

    Robin, you’re the 2nd person to accuse me of paying off the girl. What kind of mother do you people think I am? Okay. Maybe I would. But, I didn’t. This time.

    Wendi, I can only imagine the Karsen stories!!!!

    Mike, hilarious. No raising chicks from the dead, huh? Sweet Moosie.

    Lynn, tell away! I’ll never tell 😉

  8. Judy


  9. Amanda Morgan

    Oh the stories I could tell about my Sammy… I pictured your comforter to be so much worse only because I’m so use to my little blessings. Thanks be to God that He loves us no matter what kind of mess we make. I have made some whoppers in my life time and I always run Him and He always takes me in His loving arms. Great blog, Anna is precious.

  10. Brenda

    At age 5 Alex decided to cut his hair, which was one BIG gap and was proceding to cut Morgan’s (age 2), when I heard them giggle behind our couch on Rainbow Circle. Thank goodness I retrieved the sissors, in the nick of time! And yes, I have a cut in my comforter too, from one of the kids school projects but nothing like your artist!

  11. Judy

    Well you should ask Bonnie about the carpet, O, I bet you knew and kept her secret!

  12. Ooookkayyy! ha! Here is one…one time, when Debbie & Tracy were 2 & 3 yrs old, we were at my parents house, & my Dad said, “we will just burn the house down & start over” I went into the dinning room, D & T had colored the entire wall with crayons. Another time….my sister was supposed to be watching D & T, while I did dishes at my parents, 1970’s now, they had gotten into my brothers paint for his model cars? Painted their legs silver…lol, a chore getting that off. ha! Then one time in Germany, back before cordless phones? I was on phone, there was a bookcase dividing livng rm, & dining room, T was on the other side of it, coloring HARD the wall , RED! yes…RED! ha! She did some scrubbing, she was only 3 at the time, but she helped me. funny to think about now! Buttt, NOT then. But I was alot younger! You asked for it! ha!

  13. Bonnie

    Mom, let the carpet go…you didn’t see it until the house was sold!

    Dusty, you just told me last week that your taste was changing…sure you didn’t put that sweet girl up to this!

  14. I totally thought, “Sweet…she gets to go shopping!”

  15. Hahahahaha! That is funny! And touching! One day Isaac made me an art project. He was 3 and he was soooo proud. He brought me a paper with lots of holes in it. It took me a minute, but then I asked “My sweet little love, where did you make mommy’s beautiful art?” So he showed me the leather ottoman. Yep, I don’t buy nice things ANYMORE. But I will say that in that moment looking at my one of few nice pieces, and seeing his face when he brought me the art, and his worry when he saw the ottoman with me, I knew his spirit and how I reacted was so much more important than any possession I have or will have. I still have that “art”.

  16. What a sweet picture you paint. Poor thing must have realized that she might just be in trouble. How relieve her mama’s open arms must have been to her.

    On the other hand it must have been hard to hide your laughter. Not much more that you could but laugh.

    This really is a sweet post. I think I am really liking you. 🙂

  17. bobbijo

    Yeah we have been through the sharpie down the hall on the floor, dining room table and of course Jaelyn’s body. She has amazed us at the many creative ways to use products in our home that i didn’t know possible. One that stands out… of her many adventures with the toilet was when I walked in the door of the bathroom as she was bringing the toothbrush in hand from the toilet bowl to her mouth. You would think that hopefully this would be the first of the dips, however her mouth was soaking wet along with her clothes. Mmmm….breakfast anyone?

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