I saw the light!

Most of you know by now that I am a loyal SuperTarget shopper.  Just hearing their new holiday commercial sing “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” makes me feel all warm inside.  And, right at home.  I buy most everything there – from groceries to Rachael Ray’s cutsie mixing bowls – it’s all there.  Underneath the bullseye.

When my Georgia gals were out celebrating the wonders of the MAC counter with me, Sharon informed me that I was spending way too much on groceries shopping at my home away from home.  Apparently, I listeneth not.

So, at my completely envious Bible Study, this gal and this gal, told me the same dang thing. 

“CREST!”  They exclaimed, as though they were sharing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.  Cindy even went as far as to tell me that there was deliverance for me.  And, Robin has raised like 29 children, okay 7, so she knows all about saving money.  Thank you, Sisters.  I have seen the light.

Yesterday, I walked into Crest Foods [Oklahoma owned & operated with self-proclaimed “Rock Bottom Prices.”]  The entire experience was nothing less than perfect.  Anna was angelic.  ANGELIC.  The food variety was plentiful.  And those prices – oh, those prices – were rock bottom.

I came across the turkeys.  Then, just like most days, I called my mom.

“Mom, when do I buy my turkey?”

After she laughed at me, she answered, “Well, if you buy it today, buy it frozen.”

“Mom, I’m shopping at this really great grocery store with really great prices.  Turkeys are only 99 cents per pound!”

“Glo-ree!” She shouted.

Not really.  She didn’t shout glo-ree.  She didn’t even shout.  But, I could tell she was proud.  Oh, she was so very proud of her money-saving daughter. 

I loaded up people.  LOADED UP people.  Can I get a whoop whoop?

No.  Don’t give me that.  That is so tacky.

Sean Fields helped me load my groceries in the car.  No, no.  I don’t know Sean.  I just didn’t have any cash to tip him, so I wrote him a check.  Classic.

Later in the day, I was talking to Sharon.  I told her about my rock bottom prices and how Cindy Beall had told me I was spending way too much money on food at SuperTarget. 

“I TOLD YOU THAT ALREADY!  BUT, OH, WHEN CINDY BEALL TELLS YOU SOMETHING, YOU’LL BELIEVE HER.”  She said, but not in all caps.  That’s just me exaggerating to make the story seem bigger than it really is. 

Can you imagine me exaggerating to make a story seem grander? 

Me either.

I can’t promise I still won’t grab my cute red eco-friendly shopping bags and trek back to my homeland known as SuperTarget.  I will.  Just like Starbuck’s seasonal Peppermint Hot Chocolate, I gotta have it.  But, I will make a better effort in saving the pennies.  My grandfather always said (and yours probably did, too):  “Take care of those pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

For even MORE fabulous deals, my other Bible Study gal, Christi, has a blog ALL ABOUT GREAT DEALS.  The girl knows her stuff.  And, she can help you save BIG.  Get Christi’s 2 cents here.

Have you found any great deals lately?
In what areas do you save money?


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26 responses to “I saw the light!

  1. I sat by this laptop, with coffee in hand waiting on this blog to post!!! I am so excited that the light has shown upon you! Tell me did you buy that turkey? And will he be on your table this thursday? Reading your blogs so make me want to see you! whether you post a simple mommy/wife kinda blog or some spiritual awareness you have had…we get to feel your life coming through. Love you. By the way I bought a pair of Nautica slacks at a mission thrift store last week for 5.95.

  2. Wow! It is difficult, VERY difficult, to stray away from Target for any reason, even the saving money one. I am impressed! I do the Grocery Game, at grocerygame.com I’m a big Kroger girl because they put the coupon items on sale, then double the coupons. And with the grocery game you only have to cut the coupons you need and you get FREE STUFF!

  3. I’m telling you that is no exaggeration! It is like EF Hutton… WHEN CINDY BEALL SPEAKS THE WORLD LISTENS! LOL

  4. Dusty Takle

    MIKE O!!!!!!! Oh, how I miss you, too. Yes, I bought that turkey. I, yes I, will cook it. ALL.BY.MYSELF. Congrats on your own deal. I know Shari Lynn is queen. Well, maybe Kitty is queen, but Shari is a close second 🙂

    Caroline, never heard of the Grocery Game!!! Will check it out!

    Theresa, you’re not kidding. I love that girl. LOVE her.

  5. Judy

    I am all for saving, but coupon shopping is a talent, you should ask your Mom about the time we went coupon shopping, took us over 2 hours and if we had a coupon we got it….when our adventure was over we fell on her sofa, worn out and laughing so much we couldn’t talk….

  6. Don’t live near a Crest but love the prices at Buy4Less. Have to confess my husband does most of the grocery shopping. He’s in, he’s out, he’s on with his life. I meander, backtrack…takes me twice as long. I do all the cooking though, so I have to be creative with what he brings home! I’m gonna have to meet the famous Cindy Beall 🙂

  7. WOO HOO! Be careful because it’s sort of addicting to find those bargains 🙂 Great job on saving your family some money!!

  8. Well….I’m just feelin’ PROUD! 🙂 I would have enjoyed seeing your smiling face and you prancin’ around that store with beaming Anna in tow. Keep going back and you’re going to get to know more than just Sean. It’s a family time there! 🙂

  9. Dusty Takle

    Christi, that’s an addiction my husband would appreciate. NO DOUBT.

    Robin, I can’t wait to meet more of my Crest family 🙂

  10. kristen fountain

    I do whatever I can to avoid the real grocery store…I buy as many groceries as I can in Target (the one near our house is just a regular ol’ Target), then suck it up and go to Kroger every couple of weeks or so. There’s something about that big red sign the draws me in. I think buying groceries is a lot more bearable when I can cruise past all of the other sections I love so much. Tehehehe.

  11. Bonnie

    You know most Targets have a Starbucks in them now, so you can get those “skinny peppermint mochas” and do your cutsie shopping at the same time…HEAVEN!!!

  12. You make a Mama proud….chip off the ole block 🙂 Yes Judy, I will NEVER forget our coupon shopping adventure! Talk about making memories…we did! What were we thinking? lol

  13. Kitty Grubbs

    I am walking out the door to treasure hunt…but I will get back to all of you later!!! By the way…Mimi is the queen of bargains…I am just a princess!! And for all of her Target shopping…Kristen KNOWS how to find a bargain on the curb just like her mom…bring yall ideas later!!

  14. Sharon

    Apparently, little miss Dusty did not believe her good ole pal from GA. Thank goodness I have reinforcements. Thank you Cindy and Robin! (I am so glad she has good friends out there in OKC.) I try to teach the girl, but sometimes she just doesnt listen! I do love some Target shopping myself… clothes, assessories, homewares and such. But the grocery items are expensive. Glad you have seen the light! And proud that you are cooking yourself a turkey!

  15. Brenda

    Well, if you ever make it back to GG&G (Griffin Great & Growing), we do have a Food Depot. Just not a Crest ! It doesn’t smell that great so you will need to supply your own clothespin but has great buys on a lot of things, I have been told. If you are packing heat, you can also wonder into the Easy Shoppe for meat! lol

  16. Amanda Morgan

    You know why I LOVE me some SuperTarget??? Sushi! How crazy is that to buy sushi at a supermart. That is what draws me there besides everything else dreamy there. They have a wonderful meat market/so does Crest. I need to motivate myself to clip those coupons but I think Molly would just eat them or Sam would stick them in his nose. Wouldn’t Crest and Target love that, hmmmm? Congratulations on your savings extravaganza, let me know how your turkey turns out. Love ya!

  17. Well, I had a good learning lesson today, I thought I was a great saver , but I have learned some more today! Thank you for all of the ideas! I jotted down, grocerygame.com, cause I go to Krogers on Wednesdays to get my senior citizen’s 10% discount! ha ha! Great blog! I cut coupons too. I make a plan also for routes to go, so, I save gas. My Dear Mom loves a deal too, passed that on to my girls. But they love target too!

  18. Joe wishes that I was a better bargain shopper. Like other Griffinites, I like Food Depot too. However, Susan H. tells me there is a place called Wilsons here in Griffin where you can REALLY get bargains. Good goin’ Dusty.

  19. Oh yeah, food depot, go there too! And been to wilson’s, we went today, in fact!

  20. Amy Gordy

    I too have found the joy of discount groceries. Melanie and I discovered Aldi in Lovejoy and Fayetteville. Only a 15-20 minute drive and Oh the money I save! I haven’t been that excited since I can’t remember when! You have to bring a quarter to put in the buggy ( shopping cart for those of you who are not southerners) but you get it back when you return the cart to its rightful spot in the cart return. You also have to bring your own shopping bags ( great for the environment and a money saver). The food is good and I have saved about 30-40% off my normal grocery bill on average. Saving money is so much fun!

  21. Judy

    OK…I want to hear from Kitty about treasure hunting….maybe she could do a guest blog…I love reading Kristen’s blog and seeing her cutesy stuff…I do ok on the grocery deal but would love advice on home decor

  22. Can I just say I’m proud, so very proud that you entered the land of the blessed…aka Crest. Oh, Hosanna in the highest.

    I feel like a mother hen shooing her little babe out to grow. Not sure if mother hens “shoo” but you know.

  23. And Duane at Crest… He’s a goodun too.

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  25. Has Cindy mentioned she has a Crest spreadsheet…by aisle? I’m still waiting on my copy before I go and shop there.

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