KFD Designs


‘Tis the season to promote my friends.  Let me introduce you to Kristen F. Davis.


Kristen is an artist, blogger, jewelry designer, and expert in turning walls into pieces of art.  She has the spectacular gift of rescuing furniture, lamps, you name it, and making them chic and enviable.  She’s not even afraid to try her hand at rewiring an old lamp!  She’s either brave or just plain crazy.  I’ll choose the former.  Below are some of my favorite photos of her brilliance.


Kristen took an old shelf and painted it the same color as her wall to display her white dishes and “trinkets.”  This is one of my favorites.  Read more on open shelving here.


The girl’s not afraid of color.  You can see the before and afters here.  Isn’t that turquoise great?


She paints floors.



And walls.  The black you see hanging from the tree is chalkboard paint.  How cute is that? 




She makes jewelry. 

Kristen’s jewelry is terrific and fun.  I recently purchased a fabulous hand-made necklace and the earrings above from her Etsy store.  The jewelry is reasonably priced and ONE.OF.A.KIND.  Love, love, love it.  Check out her current inventory here.  They make great one-of-a-kind gifts!

Kristen offers style tips and before and afters on her blog.  Check her out!  Also, her new site, www.kfddesigns.com will be launching soon.  When it does, I’ll put it under my “Links I Like.”

If you live in the Atanta-ish area and are looking for creative wall, floor, or fireplace painting, she is your gal.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t make things or paint well.  But give me a box of legos and the results are endless. 

Are you artsy, creative like? 






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11 responses to “KFD Designs

  1. I seem to struggle in the “artist” arena…but click my friends link if you like art! her journals are great!


  2. manymeadows

    She’s great! If I did an open shelf like that it would look like I just put a bunch of junk on it….oh wait…I have one in my laundry room! 🙂 (cheezy grin)

    Going to ck out her site and things.

  3. Sarah Mullis Pair

    Kristen is not only the best artist, but she is also the greatest friend!!! Love her dearly and am definitely one of her biggest fans. She painted a little mural in Livia, my daughters, room and it is too sweet. Her stuff is amazing.. give it a try!!

  4. Judy

    KFD is beautiful for sure! I love to see all the cutey stuff! That girl has a future in doing things she loves.

  5. kristen fountain

    ha, i like how you included the wedding photo shot, for kicks. im sure my mom appreciated that one 🙂

    thanks, dusty!!

  6. I have seen Kitty’s home, and what talent Kristen has! WOW! And spotted the jewerly online. She really has a gift. She was a beautiful dancer at Church, and now this! Good job Kristen, may you go far, and you will!
    Great blog Dusty! I am not artsy, lol, but glad their are those that are!

  7. Dusty Takle

    Lynn, I wish I had photos of Kitty’s home to post. Kristen did an amazing job on her walls!

  8. Judy

    well i think kitty is quite the photographer so i bet she would send you some pictures…what do you think….:)

  9. Julie

    She gets all of her beauty and talent from her Aunt Julie … haha! She is absolutely awesome, even if I am a little bit biased.

  10. Brenda

    If you are not artsy, there is a little blonde girl in your family that is very talented. I have seen the masterpiece that she made you and Kris with just a pair of scissors and a comforter! And yes, Kristen has always been very talented and Julie, I don’t think you are being biased at all!

  11. Cute stuff. Artsy? Getting ready to be!

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