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Taking More In.

It’s been seven days since I put down social networking.  It was an awkward first two days.  You know, I wasn’t shaking or anything.  I jest.   I do.  No, really.  One of my colleagues asked me yesterday morning what I hoped God was going to work in me through this.  I didn’t really have a definitive answer of what I hoped He would do.  I told her I felt that by giving it up, I would inevitably be replacing it with other things.  Things that would invoke me to be more personal with my children.  With my husband.  With my friends.  And, I am doing just that.

Through becoming more aware of the people in my life, I find myself becoming more aware of God.   After all, doesn’t God live in each one of us?  So, by being totally present with people, we become more present with Him.  It’s really a pretty awesome phenomenon, I tell ya.

A couple of nights ago, Anna climbed into bed with me with her book, The Lorax.  She wanted to read it aloud to me.  She would pause throughout the book, and we would talk about it.  If you’re unfamiliar with The Lorax, it’s a wonderful story to encourage readers to take care of the earth.  I listened as Anna talked about her desire to be nicer to the planet.  Through conversation with my seven year old, I began to see God in His creation.  Again.  I acknowledged His handiwork in shaping every part of it.  It made me want to be a better steward with this undeniably amazing planet.  So simple.

I’m loving the simple.  Breathing in the simple.  It’s wonderful.  It’s life-giving.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’m taking in:

I’m pretty sure that this is the “full” John was writing about.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10


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New Season. New Thing.

I put long pants and long sleeves on my four year old yesterday morning.  I didn’t need the AC blasting on high.  I lit my Pumpkin Spice candle.

Autumn had officially begun.

There is something magical about the start of Spring and Autumn that sends an excitement pumping through my veins.  Spring means I can break out my favorite flip flops.  It means that new things are getting ready to appear.  Fresh things.  Leaves begin to make a once barren tree beautiful. 

It’s a new beginning.

Autumn means I can break out my comfy Ugg boots.  It means I can bear to sit outdoors a little longer without wiping sweat from my brow.  The leaves turn the most amazing colors before they touch the ground. 

I’m glad a new season is here.  I need a new season.  I need a falling away of the old so God can do something new. 

I am trusting God to do something different this season.  Something new.  Something good.  As a matter of fact, when I have prayed recently, I have referenced the changing season and claimed new and good things over my family. 

So, along with the joys of candy corn and soups on a stove, I’m going to walk in the joys of God doing something new in my life.

Do you need God to something new in you or your family? 

Forget the former things; do not dwell in the past. See, I am doing a new thing!  Isaiah 43:18-19

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Favorite Comment of the Week.

I love all of your comments on this here Randomness blog.  But, my favorite comment this week is courtesy of Judy.  For all you Twitter folk, that’s @judypyoung, mother of @thelanceyoung and @bonniespencer

In response to the post, “She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle,” Judy comments:

“…when o when did I stop skating to my room????”

Seriously.  When did we stop skating to our room? 

Love her.

Happy Weekend!


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90 Never Looked So Good.

Sure, the Treaty of Versailles was a big deal, but this was bigger.

90 years ago tomorrow, Bigmama was born.

Bigmama 90

I’m glad she was.  And, I’m also glad for her salmon patties, biscuits and pecan-less pecan pies.  Oh, and for always pouring half of a can of evaporated milk into my coffee.

She has a faith like no other, virtues that have stood the test of time, and the deepest love for her family.

Happy Birthday Bigmama.  You always make me smile.


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Six


Would you believe the End of the Year Favorites Party ends today?  Kim’s been bossin’ me around for the past six Tuesdays.  Good thing she is cute.  And sweet.  And laughs at my funniness. 

Let’s get right to it, shall we? 

Favorite 3 blogs I read.  Well, let’s call it 3 OF my favorite blogs so as not to hurt virtual bloggy feelings causing my readership to go from ten to two. 

Cindy Beall – I love this girl.  Luh-huv her.  I started reading her blog almost a year ago.  I FINALLY met this Texan-born beauty last September.  She even invited me to her bible study!  I know, right?  I keep getting invited back, because I bake the best Panera bagels.  Seriously, she’s not only full of clever wit, but she is A-NOIN-TED.  She’s like my very own Beth Moore but funnier.

Natalie Witcher – I’ve never met this gal who makes me laugh ‘til I pee my pants.  Well, I don’t really pee in my pants.  But close.  She loves Bono, little waxy chocolate donuts, and God.  And, she writes about all of them.  I get to meet her next month.  I’m stoked.  God is good.  Natalie is funny. 

Big Mama – No.  Not my Grandma “Bigmama.”  Of course, both love God, but only one loves fashion.  If you start following this gal’s blog, you will probably be one of ten-thousand.  I’m sure it’s so cliché that I read Big Mama, but I do find her writing brilliant and full of humor I can relate to.  She loves Jesus and her little girl.  To.Pieces. 

Add some of your favorites!


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Five


This week, Kim wanted us to share our favorite song of all time and why.  Since I recently wrote a similar post here, I thought I’d deviate only slightly by sharing a favorite Christmas song.  Kim won’t mind, I’m sure.  She is sweet like that. 

My favorite Christmas song is “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” written in 1946.  I especially love Natalie Cole’s version – even more than her daddy’s version.   I like to pretend I sound like her when I belt it out.  And, you won’t EVEN believe me.  But, I sang this song Monday night in Hilton Head with my K.T. man, his brother Leiv, and my sweet sister-in-law, Lindsey.  It wasn’t karaoke night.  But, where I come from, every night should be karaoke night.  Right, Renice?

I always thought the line “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” sounded lovely until I actually got a whiff of them roasting on the streets of London several years ago.  Beautiful thought.  Not very aromatic. 

Still love that song. 

And, Jack Frost is certainly nipping on my nose here in the Peach State.  I suspected that I would be leaving Jack in good ole’ Oklahoma.  He must love following me around.

Your turn!  What’s your favorite Christmas song?


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Four


Celebrating Favorites Tuesday again with Kim over at Deliberate Hope!  Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite Christmas tradition.

I really don’t have a “favorite.”  I tend to enjoy all of the festivities, foods, and fun that the season brings.  But, I thought I’d share a Scandinavian tradition that I inherited when I married the K.T. man. 

What you see here is a sorry excuse for a Christmas tree that I purchased at my beloved Target last year.  Once again, I opted not to go all out with all that decoratin’ since the family would be heading south for the holidays.  What you also see by this here tree is a Yule Goat.  I know it resembles a straw, under-fed Terrier, but it’s not.  Mkay?  It’s a goat. 


Now, I’ve been told by my blonde, Scandinavian family members that the Yule Goat watches over the gifts under the tree.  I learned a whole lot more when I visited Wikipedia.  I recommend you do your research there on the history of the goat instead of me leading you astray on this very random blog.

Kris grew up with the Yule Goat always by the tree.  We carry on that tradition.  Sort of.  Maybe not this year with my lack of festiveness in the house.  But, I have managed to convince my children that our neighbor’s outdoor lights are ours, too.  I just wished they’d stop asking me to turn our lights on before they figure out the Takle yard is bare. 

I know I can’t pull this off much longer.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


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