Upsets, Victories & Campfires.

Friday evening I went out ALONE, Praise Him, to acquire emergency food items such as milk and Sour Patch Kids.  When I returned home, this is what I found. 



Kris built them this “campfire” and served them up some hot chocolate – which was basically cold milk with Hersey’s Syrup poured in.  I later joined the fun and added a few marshmallows to roast.  “Gross,” sums up John Henry’s response to the toasted treats.  Oh well.  More for Anna and me. 

Kris flew to the Big 12 Championship on Saturday.  “It’s work,” He always defends.  Bless his heart.  I did a little Christmas shopping and somehow ended up spending more money on those stupid sausages and cheeses at a mall kiosk.  They get me every year.  The holiday shopping completely took my mind off of Anna’s decision to wear four shirts that day, causing her to resemble an Alabama line backer. 

I soon learned of the Crimson Tide’s upset.  {Sorry, Mikey Bo Bo.}  Then, I geared up to watch my own team.  The Oklahoma Sooners.  Yes.  That’s right.  They’ve kind of grown on me this year.  I figure if you can’t beat ‘em.  Well, you know.

Kris came back home Sunday evening.  But, not before I nearly lost my sanity with two children who apparently care more about their own exploits than my peace of mind.  After Anna knocked over a huge bin of dog food, I knew it was time to get out of the house.  Then, I remembered it’s against the law to leave two young kids at home by themselves, so I went back and got them.

I jest.  I would never do such a thing on the Lord’s day.

We all headed to the nearest Sonic and self-medicated with Sonic Blasts and Cream Slushes. 

Later in the evening John Henry informed me that Noah was powerful like God.  A bible story that we apparently need to work on.  And, Anna told me that God was more powerful than Santa.  Perhaps, she should start telling God what she wants for Christmas.  Because, only He can afford her wish list which is pretty much every single commercial you see on the tube. 

That’s it.  That’s my weekend.  How was yours?



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6 responses to “Upsets, Victories & Campfires.

  1. Uhhhhhhh My Sooners in The Championship Game… and that’s all I have to day about that! Bing on the Gators!

  2. manymeadows

    haha…love hearing about your weekend. And wow! You’re becoming a Sooner fan? Cool! 🙂 Miss your smiling face!!

  3. Judy

    That Kris is a sweeeeetieeeee pie……I had a great weekend, with a surprise from Boo and Max and viola my tree is done….is viola a word lol…you know what i mean…MAGIC!!!!!!

  4. That was a great blog! I love the pictures of your life and YOU! I know at times it is trying in your life, but you have a sweet outlook and heart!
    My weekend was fillled with accomplishments, Thank God! Put up my Mom’s tree, got timers set, with Bruce’s help, got her presents wrapped, and over there! Just one package to mail for her. And ended with a dessert & coffee at Judy Shirey’s! What a special time that was! Goodies everywhere, everyone was on a high from sweets! ha ha! Fellowship was great too! Have a great week!

  5. Kate

    I had one of those perfect weekends. Everything was great. Even when I forgot to move “Mark” Kiki’s elf to a new spot before the morning, I was able to do it before Kiki new a thing. Whew!

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