Favorites Party – Week Three


Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite kid story.  Seriously, Kim.  Just one?  There is no doubt that in this adventure called parenting, dull moments are rare.  And, really you all hear a big-sized portion of my children and their shenanigans.  From John Henry peeing on our dog to Anna’s unending artistic expressions, it’s hard to pick just one.  So, I thought I’d share an outrageous kid story and the links we went to for Moosie and Mimi.

Bloggy World, meet Moosie.


And, Mimi.


John Henry’s Swedish Uncle Olov gave him Moosie when he was ten months old.  Mimi was a gift at a baby shower when I was prego with him.  He hasn’t parted with either since.  These are what we in parenting land refer to as his “lovies.”  Bedtime is not complete without either one.  They have traveled near and far with us.  And, we neveh EVAH check them in, ‘cause that’s one bag that we just can’t afford to lose. 

So on one trip to Cabo San Lucas, Moosie and Mimi were M.I.A.  We left our car at the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City.  We did the usual TSA check which is always an adventure with children.  Because, if Anna isn’t pulling her pants down to walk through the metal detector, then John Henry is up to his own covert operations trying to smuggle in Hot Wheels. 

Once we boarded the plane, I took my seat.  Then, it happened. 

“Where are Moosie and Mimi?” I asked. 

“I lost them.”  John Henry told me with the saddest looking blue eyes I’ve ever seen. 

I rushed up to the head flight attendant and told her my story.  A mother herself, she understood my dilemma.  At this point, even the Captain was involved.  Next thing I hear is the Captain alerting a TSA agent asking if Moosie or Mimi were there.  That’s right.  He called them by name. 

No Moosie or Mimi. 

I called Falon, who cared for our kiddos, and asked her if she could drive to Will Rogers and search our Tahoe.  Falon, knowing how vital these two bedtime lovies were headed straight for the airport.  God bless Falon Barnes Yost.  And, then, our plane took off for our connection in Dallas. 

In Dallas, Falon informed that Moosie and Mimi were indeed safe and sound in her loving arms.  She over-nighted them to my mother in GA, who in turn gave them to Kris’ dad who would be meeting us in Cabo.  Whew. 

The great Dr. Takle later gave us the “attachment” lecture.  We just smiled and nodded.  We didn’t really care at this point.  Moosie and Mimi were enjoying Piña Coladas with the rest of us south of the border.

And, that’s all that mattered.

What’s your favorite kid story?


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15 responses to “Favorites Party – Week Three

  1. Okay that was really funny. I wish I could have been on the plane and heard a pilot saying “moosie” over the loud speaker. Glad they are safe!

  2. Judy

    That is as funny as the first time I heard it….I can just hear Dr. Takle ….I love Moosie myself, since the day I saw him or her??????

  3. Betsey Hitson

    Well, with three kids, I obviously have many stories, but in the light of the season, I’ll share this one from Lesley (now thirteen) when she was about three years old. I usually email this out every year to my friends, but this year will put on your blog!

    Christmas has now most assuredly arrived at our household. After spending quite some time positioning and repositioning my prized white Lenox nativity scene, I walk by it less than five minutes later to find that two Barbies, a Hallmark Chinese ornament doll, and a McDonald’s Cat in the Hat toy now also adoringly gaze down upon the baby Jesus. They, too, have been lovingly positioned for the very best view.

  4. Dusty Takle

    Judy, we are pretty confident that Moosie is a boy. If he wasn’t then, he certainly is now. No. He didn’t have a sex change or anything like that. John Henry would just refuse to sleep with a girl toy.

    Betsey, HILARIOUS.

  5. Judy

    I have the best comment to your comment Dusty but I will not lol….Betsey, I hopeeeeeee you took pictures…that is precious!!!!

  6. Dusty Takle

    Judy, LOL. I can only imagine. Now, his girlfriends at school, well, that’s a different story. We’ve had some issues with kissing on the playground.

  7. Judy

    So…what red blooded girl could resist those eyes????? You can’t blame the girls…..

  8. Kate

    Kissing on the playground? Hmmm…. Haven’t heard that story. John Henry must have been exposed to Brat dolls. lol

  9. manymeadows

    Ahh….great story! They’ll always know how much you love them!!

  10. Brenda

    Tell JH in Ga. in the school system kissing is considered “sexual harrassmen and the “No Tolerance” law also kicks in. Found that out from a 5 year old boy’s mother. What can you you say GG&G!

  11. This was the sweetest story Dusty!!!!!! I have a favorite kid story, when Debbie & Tracy were about 3 & 4, we lived in Alabama, (yeahhh) lol, and my youngest sister & her husband were stationed there, (Army) one Christmas, I asked my sister to put out the CHristmas for us, when we left to go to Griffin, Santa Claus had to come by, ya know? And she did, she also cleaned their room up, (forgot to do that) well, when we got home, the kids were more intrigued with their room being cleaned, on the bed were Raggedy Ann & Andy…just sitting there…Debbie chimes in, “Look Mommy, Raggedy Ann and Andy cleaned our room!!” I always got a kick out of that! The magical thought of children! lol

  12. Courtney Williams

    This story just cracked me up! Its true, mothers will do ANYTHING for their children. Chandler isn’t old enough to be attached to anything yet but it did remind me of what I did last week in walmart. My husband and I were grocery shopping and he took her shoes off and put them in the side of the car seat in the shopping buggy because she just kept kicking them off. We get to the check out counter to discover we lost a shoe! I searched Walmart high and low TWICE! All the way through. I finally found the shoe next to the power tools we just browsed by. My husband just laughed at me because it was just a shoe. Well I bought those shoes just last week!! All be darned she was going to only wear them once! 🙂

  13. Haha. I love that the captain got involved. My daughter has a new favorite every week, so I never know which one it will be. A few nights ago she asked for her monkey. I grabbed a stuffed monkey and she said, “Not that one!” We did this about five times before I found the right one. (I never realized she has so many monkeys.)

  14. Falon

    aww sweet memories! Love those kiddos and Mimi and Moosie too!

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