Favorites Tuesday – Week Five


This week, Kim wanted us to share our favorite song of all time and why.  Since I recently wrote a similar post here, I thought I’d deviate only slightly by sharing a favorite Christmas song.  Kim won’t mind, I’m sure.  She is sweet like that. 

My favorite Christmas song is “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” written in 1946.  I especially love Natalie Cole’s version – even more than her daddy’s version.   I like to pretend I sound like her when I belt it out.  And, you won’t EVEN believe me.  But, I sang this song Monday night in Hilton Head with my K.T. man, his brother Leiv, and my sweet sister-in-law, Lindsey.  It wasn’t karaoke night.  But, where I come from, every night should be karaoke night.  Right, Renice?

I always thought the line “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” sounded lovely until I actually got a whiff of them roasting on the streets of London several years ago.  Beautiful thought.  Not very aromatic. 

Still love that song. 

And, Jack Frost is certainly nipping on my nose here in the Peach State.  I suspected that I would be leaving Jack in good ole’ Oklahoma.  He must love following me around.

Your turn!  What’s your favorite Christmas song?


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10 responses to “Favorites Tuesday – Week Five

  1. Amanda Morgan

    O Holy Night is my absolute favorite. I especially love it when I hear Josh Groban sing it. Simply amazing. Renders me speachless and teary eyed every time.

  2. Des

    The original Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that Judy Garland sang in Meet Me in St Louis.

    Runner up. Michael Phelps; O Holy Night

  3. Des

    Oops, that’s David Phelps, not the swimmer.

  4. Shelley

    I love Whitney Houstons version of “O Holy Night”. She puts a little soul in it that I just love. I also enjoy hearing Steve Long sing “Mary Did You Know”, which I heard he sang this past Sunday morning. However, I missed it because I was upstairs with the sweetest 5 & 6 year olds ever, including your little JH.

  5. Judy

    HUMMMM…Winter Wonderland….if that is the right title lol

  6. Christie

    right now my fave has to be carol of the bells… john plays it all. the. time. I Love Christmas Canon in D. I just need to throw in a hater though (i know it’s favorites, this is my favorite one to hate):rudolph the red nose reindeer. I mean, –the whole not accepting him until he did something great. if i were rudolph i’d have to tell em…. well…..tell them off….;)

  7. Silent Night, I remember my mom singing me to sleep with that one.
    They played it on Fred Clause (fun christmas movie) and when they rolled the credits Matt and I both went “Sinead O’Conner??!!” Did you know she sang? I sure didn’t. It was a sweet version!

  8. Lindsey Takle

    You were GREAT! At least what I can remember, LOL! I wish I could sing! I would break out my favorite Christmas tune “Silent Night”. However, since I can’t carry a tune, and my kids beg me to “STOP MOM!”, I settle with teaching them “Silent Night” in sign language. That’s the best I can do, and much appreciated by my children (and maybe a mirror breaking or two!).

  9. I love this blog, my favorite song is “It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas” or “Silver Bells”
    I got to hear yesterday, the trumpet player at Krogers, he is sooo good! I love this season, and Steve Long did a FANTASTIC job on “Mary, did you know?” The spirit was sweet last Sunday at Eagles Way Church!

  10. Kevin

    I’ll be home for Christmas! When Joshua was in Iraq last Christmas I thought of this song often….but he is home this year and it won’t be just in his heart this year….

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