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Favorites Tuesday – Week Six


Would you believe the End of the Year Favorites Party ends today?  Kim’s been bossin’ me around for the past six Tuesdays.  Good thing she is cute.  And sweet.  And laughs at my funniness. 

Let’s get right to it, shall we? 

Favorite 3 blogs I read.  Well, let’s call it 3 OF my favorite blogs so as not to hurt virtual bloggy feelings causing my readership to go from ten to two. 

Cindy Beall – I love this girl.  Luh-huv her.  I started reading her blog almost a year ago.  I FINALLY met this Texan-born beauty last September.  She even invited me to her bible study!  I know, right?  I keep getting invited back, because I bake the best Panera bagels.  Seriously, she’s not only full of clever wit, but she is A-NOIN-TED.  She’s like my very own Beth Moore but funnier.

Natalie Witcher – I’ve never met this gal who makes me laugh ‘til I pee my pants.  Well, I don’t really pee in my pants.  But close.  She loves Bono, little waxy chocolate donuts, and God.  And, she writes about all of them.  I get to meet her next month.  I’m stoked.  God is good.  Natalie is funny. 

Big Mama – No.  Not my Grandma “Bigmama.”  Of course, both love God, but only one loves fashion.  If you start following this gal’s blog, you will probably be one of ten-thousand.  I’m sure it’s so cliché that I read Big Mama, but I do find her writing brilliant and full of humor I can relate to.  She loves Jesus and her little girl.  To.Pieces. 

Add some of your favorites!


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Five


This week, Kim wanted us to share our favorite song of all time and why.  Since I recently wrote a similar post here, I thought I’d deviate only slightly by sharing a favorite Christmas song.  Kim won’t mind, I’m sure.  She is sweet like that. 

My favorite Christmas song is “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” written in 1946.  I especially love Natalie Cole’s version – even more than her daddy’s version.   I like to pretend I sound like her when I belt it out.  And, you won’t EVEN believe me.  But, I sang this song Monday night in Hilton Head with my K.T. man, his brother Leiv, and my sweet sister-in-law, Lindsey.  It wasn’t karaoke night.  But, where I come from, every night should be karaoke night.  Right, Renice?

I always thought the line “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” sounded lovely until I actually got a whiff of them roasting on the streets of London several years ago.  Beautiful thought.  Not very aromatic. 

Still love that song. 

And, Jack Frost is certainly nipping on my nose here in the Peach State.  I suspected that I would be leaving Jack in good ole’ Oklahoma.  He must love following me around.

Your turn!  What’s your favorite Christmas song?


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Four


Celebrating Favorites Tuesday again with Kim over at Deliberate Hope!  Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite Christmas tradition.

I really don’t have a “favorite.”  I tend to enjoy all of the festivities, foods, and fun that the season brings.  But, I thought I’d share a Scandinavian tradition that I inherited when I married the K.T. man. 

What you see here is a sorry excuse for a Christmas tree that I purchased at my beloved Target last year.  Once again, I opted not to go all out with all that decoratin’ since the family would be heading south for the holidays.  What you also see by this here tree is a Yule Goat.  I know it resembles a straw, under-fed Terrier, but it’s not.  Mkay?  It’s a goat. 


Now, I’ve been told by my blonde, Scandinavian family members that the Yule Goat watches over the gifts under the tree.  I learned a whole lot more when I visited Wikipedia.  I recommend you do your research there on the history of the goat instead of me leading you astray on this very random blog.

Kris grew up with the Yule Goat always by the tree.  We carry on that tradition.  Sort of.  Maybe not this year with my lack of festiveness in the house.  But, I have managed to convince my children that our neighbor’s outdoor lights are ours, too.  I just wished they’d stop asking me to turn our lights on before they figure out the Takle yard is bare. 

I know I can’t pull this off much longer.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


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Favorites Party – Week Three


Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite kid story.  Seriously, Kim.  Just one?  There is no doubt that in this adventure called parenting, dull moments are rare.  And, really you all hear a big-sized portion of my children and their shenanigans.  From John Henry peeing on our dog to Anna’s unending artistic expressions, it’s hard to pick just one.  So, I thought I’d share an outrageous kid story and the links we went to for Moosie and Mimi.

Bloggy World, meet Moosie.


And, Mimi.


John Henry’s Swedish Uncle Olov gave him Moosie when he was ten months old.  Mimi was a gift at a baby shower when I was prego with him.  He hasn’t parted with either since.  These are what we in parenting land refer to as his “lovies.”  Bedtime is not complete without either one.  They have traveled near and far with us.  And, we neveh EVAH check them in, ‘cause that’s one bag that we just can’t afford to lose. 

So on one trip to Cabo San Lucas, Moosie and Mimi were M.I.A.  We left our car at the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City.  We did the usual TSA check which is always an adventure with children.  Because, if Anna isn’t pulling her pants down to walk through the metal detector, then John Henry is up to his own covert operations trying to smuggle in Hot Wheels. 

Once we boarded the plane, I took my seat.  Then, it happened. 

“Where are Moosie and Mimi?” I asked. 

“I lost them.”  John Henry told me with the saddest looking blue eyes I’ve ever seen. 

I rushed up to the head flight attendant and told her my story.  A mother herself, she understood my dilemma.  At this point, even the Captain was involved.  Next thing I hear is the Captain alerting a TSA agent asking if Moosie or Mimi were there.  That’s right.  He called them by name. 

No Moosie or Mimi. 

I called Falon, who cared for our kiddos, and asked her if she could drive to Will Rogers and search our Tahoe.  Falon, knowing how vital these two bedtime lovies were headed straight for the airport.  God bless Falon Barnes Yost.  And, then, our plane took off for our connection in Dallas. 

In Dallas, Falon informed that Moosie and Mimi were indeed safe and sound in her loving arms.  She over-nighted them to my mother in GA, who in turn gave them to Kris’ dad who would be meeting us in Cabo.  Whew. 

The great Dr. Takle later gave us the “attachment” lecture.  We just smiled and nodded.  We didn’t really care at this point.  Moosie and Mimi were enjoying Piña Coladas with the rest of us south of the border.

And, that’s all that mattered.

What’s your favorite kid story?


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Favorites Party – Week Two


It’s FAVORITES time again.  What a way to get in the holiday spirit.  Since I’m not decorating my house due to impending holiday travel, I’ll ‘tis the season right here in bloggy world.

Today’s FAVORITE topic is FAVORITE gift.  A favorite gift you’ve given or received.    

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love to give.  But, I sure do get silly excited when I’m the recipient of presents.  Except for that puffy Christmas vest one of my students gave me years ago. 

My favorite gift.  I had a hard time narrowing it down between Dolly Pops, Brooke Shields  Barbie Doll, Snoopy Snow Cone Machine {carpal tunnel hell}, and the Barbie Townhouse.  But in the end, the Barbie Townhouse beat all.


Do you know how awesome that yellow elevator was?  You pulled a string to raise it up and down.  It was seven year old HEAVEN for this little girl.  I loved it.  Thank you mom and dad for making my Christmases so grand.  They were perfect.  Even without the beloved Cabbage Patch Doll J

I’ve actually looked at buying one of these vintage Barbie items on eBay for Anna.  I did manage to acquire a Brooke Shields Barbie Doll for her still in the box on eBay for 99 cents.  I really didn’t get the reaction from Anna that I was looking for on that one.  Can’t imagine why.  Brooke is way cooler than Hannah Montana.

What is a favorite gift you have given or received?


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My Favorite Things. Your Favorite Things. (2nd Edition)

My, my.  You people know what you like. 

Hope commented:

“Y’all probably don’t need this kind of moisturizing but up here in Canada … whoa!  Dr. Denese (probably on your QVC) sells a face “oil” that doesn’t leave a trace of oil, doesn’t clog pores and leaves your skin feeling like it was just made.  It’s called Hydro Shield Moisturizing Face Serum. Did I mention that my fine wrinkles have all but disappeared!”

I didn’t know what a fine wrinkle was until I hit my thirties.  But God is good, and He has His scientists at work developing formulas to make fine lines a thing of the past.  ‘Cause If I have faith like the grain of a mustard seed….

Now, Marla loves a lot of things, including Mexican food, but I couldn’t have agreed more when she commented:

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burt’s Bees Champagne lip shimmer stick. It just adds a little sheer shimmer to your lips, kind of a sun kissed look.”

I, too, love and use Burt’s Bees Champagne shimmer stick.  My lips have never looked so hydrated with a kissable, pinkish frost.

Karen e-mailed me this product that has revolutionized her mornings:

Senseo Deluxe Single Cup Coffee Maker! I couldn’t live without it.  Chris & I both drink coffee throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than stale, burnt coffee that’s sat in a pot being heated for 2 hours. Not even the thermal carafes did any better. Then, I found the Senseo on Amazon.com.  It makes 1 cup of coffee at a time using a pod. You get the same flavor every time.  You don’t have to worry about how much coffee you put in or how strong/weak it will be. The grounds are contained in the pod.  It just lifts out & gets thrown away.  What’s even easier is Amazon has the pods for it, and they are reasonably priced.  You can also subscribe & get a discount. I do that with coffee & tea.”

Now, for you men who like to smell real nice for your lay-deez – or you men on the prowl wondering why the women just aren’t that into you, this one is for you:

Chrome by Loris Azzaro.  I just purchased this cologne for Kris.  He sprays it on, and I am in L-O-V-E.  It’s wonderful, I tell you.  It’s sexy and masculine. 

Shari Lynn wants to know some of my diet and exercise tips.  God bless her to think I have some.  Maybe, I’ll post on that one tomorrow.  And, your feedback will be more than welcomed.


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My Favorite Things – Your Favorite Things (1st Edition)

I’ve been intending on writing an occasional post of some of my favorite things and/or some of your favorite things; hence, the title.  I’m not sure how often I’ll run ‘em, so we’ll just play it by ear.  Okay?  Okay.

My good friend, Amy, e-mailed me one of her new favorite things. 

Amy writes:

I just tried Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes and thought I’d died and went to heaven.  They take off all of your make-up in an amazing 60 seconds or less – even the water-proof mascara that I don’t wear but they claim it does.  I do believe it!  It took off all my make-up, saved my white wash cloth, and left my face smooth as a baby’s bottom with a hint of glisten.  I especially will be happy for this find on one of those late, miserable nights when you know the make-up needs to come off but it’s the last thing in the world you want to do.  You could wipe your face off on the way to bed.  I highly recommend this product and would hope someone would share the same with me if they find anything half as amazing!

No, no.  Neutrogena is not paying Amy to endorse their product.  But, they should.  After all, she is one of the beautiful people. 

Now, I realize this favorite thing comes of no help to you male-type readers.  But, you can pass this little bit of heaven onto your wife, girlfriend, momma or Aunt Clarissa (that is, if you have an Aunt Clarissa.)

As for me, I’ll be picking up my own Neutrogena towelettes today.  After all, if I can glisten like Amy, I am all over it.  Can I get an amen?  Yes, yes, I see that hand.

I promise to have a favorite thing for you handsome men next time.  Stay tuned.

Are you using a product you think we need to know about?  What about a fabulous recipe you are just dying to share – or cook in my kitchen?  Or, any other random things that are making your top ten list?

E-mail me your favorites at durstee@aol.com, and, let’s share them with the world!  Or at least with all ten of my readers.  Hallelujah.

Do you take your make-up off every night? 


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