Monday Madness

I realize this post has no significance whatsoever, spiritual or otherwise.  But, I just felt like giving you a rundown of the Takle family weekend.  And, the title has nothing to do with this post.  I just thought your Monday might be as mad as mine will be today.  Goodbye holidays and vacation.

Here goes.

Wake up.  Read the Bible Twilight Saga.  {I’m aware of how long it’s taking me to finish this series.  Holidays.  Children.  No time.  You get the picture.} 

Bigmama INSISTS we take the kids to see Aunt Kate, her 93 year old sister.


Aunt Kate and Bigmama look a lot alike, but they are quite different.  Bigmama wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of pants while Aunt Kate wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress or without her snuff. 

Later in the day, Bigmama checks on Kris’ New Year’s resolution to cut back on the caloric inhalation.  She said they had agreed to do this thing together.  Oh, yes they did.  Called your accountability partner, Hun?

Finish book #2.  Finally.  Listen to a bunch of hoodlums cheer on a helpless Tide.  Go nighty night.

Cram as much as I can into four suitcases.  See my flight departure time has changed.  Changed again.  Changed again.  Changed again.  Arrive at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  Just in time to wait an extra two hours for a delayed flight.  Break down and buy book #3.  See poor little 7 year old girl named Rylee sobbing as she is flying by herself from ATL to OKC.  We welcome her into the Takle family for 2 hours.

Listen to my kids fight over who gets to sit by Rylee.  Listen to Anna keep calling her Ry-lea.  Land.  Yell at my children for running around the baggage conveyer thingy.  Yell again.  Yell again.

See the husband for the first time in four days.  Hug.  Hug.  Kiss.  That’s it.  I’m tired.  Pick up on that other New Year’s resolution tomorrow.  Choose wine instead.  Hubs understands. 

Hug this guy.  Especially after seeing Marley & Me.


Get in my very own bed.

Repent for not going to church.  Try to explain to my dad why I didn’t go to church.  Eat Mexican.  Car wash.  Read my “heathen” book, to quote my father.  {Between skipping church and reading about vampires, my dad is going to fly out to serve me communion really soon.  I’m sure of it.}

Make good on some resolutions.

Hear Anna call John Henry “b*%#ch”.  She uses the word incorrectly, so I’m sure she didn’t hear it from me.  Blame Kris.  Blame Pre-School.  Blame Aunt Kate.   

Take Kris for his first Crest grocery store experience.  He sees the light, too.

Kris shares random experience about riding a grocery cart in a Kmart parking lot once when the cart flew out from under him and he did a face plant.  Laughed.  Laughing about it now as I type.

Wonder if anyone else thinks it’s funny when people fall down.

Watch Horton Hears A Who.

Go to bed.

Wake up to a mad, mad Monday.

How was your weekend?
Your kid ever drop a “bad” one?  What did you do?
Do you laugh when someone falls down? 



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15 responses to “Monday Madness

  1. Christie

    too funny!!! i totally laugh at falls, even my own! thanks, my monday needed this… now ==off to work (albeit in my bath robe, hey — at least I have showered)

  2. Laughing now…and yes, I’m afraid I laugh when people fall down too 🙂

    Glad you’re back. Glad you took care of Ry-lea. Looking forward to Wed!!

  3. Bonnie

    Speaking of not making good on the redolutions, I just let my kids talk me out of going to the gym…and yes, Max and I quote when he was 2ish (with my Mom in the seat beside me) said “I don’t want to go into another store, DAMNIT!” I asked him where ever did you hear that word and then looked at my Mom and busted out laughing. I think I was the one that was busted…

  4. Judy

    Bonnie, I think your Mom had already busted out laughing so that the little guy would notttttt get in trouble and BECAUSE IT WAS FUNNY…I usually laugh when people fall unless it is a grandbaby of course…and when I fall nowwww it scaressssssss me…could break an oldddddddddd bone…Aunt Kate does look like Big Mama only she doesn’t have that angelic look lol

  5. Oh Bonnie. Love that Max. And, yes. It’s funny when your GRANDchild says the word. But, heaven forbid if you and I had said it.

  6. Judy, Aunt Kate wouldn’t have that angelic look. But, oh the memories of sitting on the carport with her, snapping peas and stuffing a tissue down my chest. She would give me my very own cup to spit in, too.

  7. Judy

    But did Aunt Kate make you snuff out of cocoa and sugar…my Mama did for me lol…..

  8. Margaret

    I feel your pain about delayed flights. It took us 6 hours to fly from Vegas to Salt Lake City the week before Christmas. Had a nice 3 hour layover in Grand Junction, Colorado. When they announced the baggage carousel our luggage was coming up on they even mentioned the flight from Vegas via Grand Junction with a little laugh in their voice. Oh well, our 8 year old grandson was a trouper and only complained once when we started to take off and then had to sit another 1/2 hour before restarting the engines. Weather and flying do not mix. Your Aunt Kate reminds me of some of my aunts. Had one that flew to Finland to walk in a race when she was 87. She was a hoot. Sorry I missed your visit in GA this time. See ya next time I hope.

  9. Amanda Morgan

    Marcus dropped a “What the he**??!” IN CHAPEL at Christian Heritage. Think I didn’t get a call from his teacher that evening? Think again. Blamed it on his Marine daddy’s mouth and that dadgummed Transformer movie. I told Jeff he shouldn’t watch it… Lovely. So glad your home and safe. Thank you for taking care of “Ry-Lea”. I immediately thought of my 7-year old out there in this scary world should he ever have to fly alone. I can’t think of anyone else I’d want him to be with but that Takle family. Cuss words, snuff, wine and all! Love ya!

  10. Julie

    Well, my very own Katie (yes people, not Anna this time) didn’t necessarily drop a word or phrase, but when filling in a paper in Children’s Church for Mother’s Day she quoted to Susan Hardwick (and Susan was oh so thrilled to write exactly what 4 year old Kate said) …
    “My mom likes to … DRINK AND PLAY JENGA.”
    Thanks Kate. We had just returned from one of those rainy/drizzling trips to the beach and my big mouth kept saying that if it started raining too hard we could always go inside and … drink and play jenga. Oh be careful little (big) mouths what you say …

  11. I just starting reading twilight last night. (all my teens talk about it)

    Glad you are back!

  12. Casey

    Ok….Aunt Katie would definately die if she new she was on the world wide web for all to see!! She looks so good! Talk to her all the time but don’t get to see her that often. I know she looks forward to your visits! Your babies pics are all up when we go to visit! Snappin peas on the porch with a tissue…I seem to remember something like that!! And now look at us…all grown up! I just hope we have half the strength Aunt Kate and Aunt Callie have had during there lives!!!

  13. Casey

    And I don’t call her Aunt Katie….it’s just a habit…my Katie Bug is named after her! Oh…and in Virginia when I call her “Aint Kate” they just laugh!!

  14. Sister, you’re funny.
    And we usually always eat Mexican on Sunday.
    Long live Crest Foods.

  15. Brenda

    At age 4, Alex wa in the backseat of the car and couldn’t get the seatbelt to release. His word was SH@# over and over until the seatbelt released. I asked him why he said that and he said dillon at 1st A/G daycare’s dad says it and dillon says it when he gets mad and I am mad at the seatbelt. Come to find out Dillon’s dad had just been relaesed from prison too so I guess it could have been even worse…lol

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