More On Bigmama & Aunt Kate

I don’t have a picture….Let me re-phrase.  I don’t have a DIGITAL picture of my Great Aunt Kate and Bigmama together.  But, just to show how much these two favor, I’m posting their photos side by side.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A.


Ya know.  The more I look at these two photos, the less resemblance I see than I used to.  All save their still beautifully dark hair with gray on the sides only, which they do not dye thankyousokindly.

Well, scratch Exhibit A, and I have no B.  But seriously.  Don’t these two look fabulous to be just a few years from reaching a CENTURY old?  Okay, Bigmama, I know  you’ve got another ten to go.  Simmer down.

Bigmama and Aunt Kate are the two remaining siblings out of NINE.  And, oh the stories they can tell.  They experienced everything from the Crash of ’29 to looking down wells on nights with a full moon to see the reflection of the man they were supposed to marry.  They believed those legends. 

Their dad died of a farm accident before Bigmama was even born.  And, their momma died of “the” typhoid fever a few years later.  I emphasize the “the”, because Bigmama prefaces all diseases and ailments with “the.”  As in, the SARS, the diabetes, the Cold.  And, let’s not forget that all stores end with an “s.”  As in, Walmarts and Krogers. 

Their two oldest siblings, Woodson and Mattie, raised the younger seven.  As a matter of fact, when social services showed up at their door, Woodson stepped out onto the porch with a shotgun and demanded they leave.

They did.

I spent the greater part of my childhood with these to ladies.  If I wasn’t crocheting at Bigmama’s, I was across the street at Aunt Kate’s dipping snuff.  Oh, it was just pretend.  Aunt Kate would help me stuff tissue {pronounced “tisha”} down my training bra and spit in a red Dixie cup while I snapped peas from the garden.  Good times.

Bigmama and Aunt Kate still have their sibling spats.  But, the last phone call they make before they go to sleep is with each other just to say “Goodnight.” 

I have wonderful memories with these gals. 

What are some of your special childhood memories?



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8 responses to “More On Bigmama & Aunt Kate

  1. Jaime Dean Gantz

    Look at those two. God love Big Mama and Aunt Kate. I remember going with Aunt Kate and Uncle Van to all the flea markets when I was little. And yes she loves her snuff! I miss her so much. We all need to meet in good ole Griffin and get together. They both will probably live to till their 110!

  2. That is so special!! I think you need to start a book! Seriously. Great stories.

  3. Dusty Takle

    And, how did I leave out that these two sisters married brothers? Seriously.

  4. kristen fountain


  5. Being with my Uncle Red and Aunt Bette. They were awesome. Spent lots of time on the lake with them. Learned to water ski behind their boat. Good things.

  6. Judy

    Sweet and very funny women, those two…I have lots of Bigmama memories…LOTS

  7. Christie

    I bet in their 90 + years, big mama nor Kate eva thought they’d be Blogged about! oh, and =– i don’t think there were a lot of people around back in the day, so it wasn’t sooo unusual for sistas to marry brothers. (i know that kind of stuff) ** just imagine if callie had married van and kate-e.d….whew.
    oh, and i have such great memories of growing up with my big granny– must be why i want chickens so much.

  8. Brenda

    You need to get them on video telling stories so you can play it for JH and Anna when they are bigger.

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