Only Aretha could still get R-E-S-P-E-C-T wearing that hat.

I know you’re all probably inaugurated out.  Between Aretha singing with that big bow on her head and hearing the word “historic” a record-breaking number of times, I’m sure you’re ready to just get on with this season’s American Idol and The Office. 

But, my son reminded me of one of our greatest civic duties yesterday.

John Henry watched a portion of President Barack Obama’s inauguration at school.

“I saw President George Bush and his wife.”  He said.  (I just think it’s the cutest thing ever that he says “his wife.”  I know, I know.  It’s a momma thing.)

“President Obama is going to the White House,” he explained.

“Yes, he is.  What do you think about that?”  I asked him.

“I’m going to pray for him,” he responded.

I think I am, too.

For me, that was my favorite moment yesterday.

“So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled.”  – President Barack Obama   

Do you have a favorite moment from yesterday’s big event?


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8 responses to “Only Aretha could still get R-E-S-P-E-C-T wearing that hat.

  1. marla

    about Aretha’s hat…what the world?! Jimmy Kimmel had a spoof last night where she was singing and the bow turned into a propellar which took her up, up and away! It was funny!
    That was really sweet of JH. He has such a sweet heart. We should all strive to be that way! The world would be a much happier place.

  2. Seeing multitudes of people wanting unity, I felt that was what it spoke to me! To know we all are created equal. BIG! I loved Laura’s peaceful elegant look even w/the wind blowing her hair! I loved the beauty of ONE NATION UNDER GOD!! Great blog and proud of JH, every time you share with us. It is priceless! ilu

  3. Apart from that hat that should be in your daughter’s closet, I felt connected in the day by the Prayers of Rick Warren and Rev. Josesph Lowery. Both were well delievered and pointed us to the gravity of the day. Good stuff. Did not vote for him but he has my attention in a good way right now. He needs every measure of prayer offered yesterday and then some, the man has a “mess” to fix.

  4. Sharon

    I did not get to see everything yesterday because I was working. But I was so amazed at the sea of people who were there in 30 degree weather waiting in great anticipation for this great day in history. I did not vote for President Obama either. But I am hopeful for what is to come. And I really enjoyed seeing him dance with his wife. You can tell they are united in this dream and are very much in love. And I do have to say that even with the mess that he has made, I do have great admiration for George W. I think he is a great man!

  5. Oh, that hat.

    My favorite was seeing those millions of people, all wanting a piece of the history. That and the discussion between my kids about what the heck the plan was if it rained.

    Good meeting you at Cindy’s today!

  6. Not sure I had a favorite part, just glad I was able to watch it all day since the kids were home sick.

    But when Aretha came on the screen, my twitter was, “Oh, Aretha. That hat.”

  7. Well…I was talking to E and he was so into the whole inauguration stuff but when I was telling him about the historical side of an African American President he was like, “um…no, this is not the first time for that.” Which I then shared the details and that yes it is. He was a bit ticked and said, “ok…there are just some darker people then that have been the President.” Made me laugh…he just didn’t want to give it up that he was wrong. Not to mention he is my dark skinned angel of the group. Love the things that kiddos say

  8. Suave'

    The hat did fit her image and persona, “like a Queen!” As far as y’day, I just hate that it took so long to unite and that the prez will be magnified every step of the way! The U.S. is in too much of a mess to receive a fix overnight! Hey, I guess the start is now, O-B-A-M-A !

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