I’m hearin’ ya, God.

I have tried to think of any other post than this one to write.  I thought I could write on how my roots are now a brilliantly colored blonde….or just less disturbing to the natural eye.  Or, I could write about how I saved my family money once again by shopping at Crest Foods.   Or, how Anna is learning not to respond to adults with “Isn’t there someone else you can go talk to?” 

But, I just can’t write about any of those things.  Not today.

Let’s start with honesty.

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for a little over five years now.  Some days I do it kicking and screaming.  Other days, I am okay.  Reality is….I miss Georgia.  Not really the state itself, although we do have trees there.  I miss my family.  I miss the covenant relationships I have with so many wonderful friends.  I miss Eagles Way Church.   I miss ministering there.

I do well most days.  But, then I struggle immensely other days. 

My sweet friend, Cindy Beall, posted this blog the other day.  I haven’t been able to shake these words from her blog since:


How can Dusty Takle fulfill the call of God on her life when she isn’t allowing herself to grow where she is planted?

And, why is she speaking in third person?

Well, I’ve made a decision to do just that.  To grow wherever I am.  In whatever situation I’m in.  In whatever climate I’m dressing for. 

Because, I don’t want to miss God.

That’s how I feel today.  Tomorrow, I might need a pep talk.  Today, I’m okay.

Grow where you’re planted.  Cindy writes, “I am confident that God will meet you where you are.” 

And, He just might use you to do great things. 


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13 responses to “I’m hearin’ ya, God.

  1. I still miss Dallas. I wouldn’t actually want to move back there now, but if I could move my friends all into my cul-de-sac, it would be oh, such a great day. But I’m with you. I’m trying to figure out what God wants me to do while I’m here. Before He moves me again!

  2. The cool thing about growing where you are planted; is the fact that the roots can be established… and then God may decide it’s time to re-pot this little ole’ plant in a different little ole’ location! You digg

  3. Life is full of neat little tricks and surprises. You never know all that is ahead for us we just have to make today matter. I know the loss of great friends-it is tuff for sure. Keep looking up Kid! Love ya.

  4. Judy

    You KNOW I relate girl…but Cindy is right…God will teach you something beyond yourself in OKC and sometimes you will amaze yourself, IF, you will GROW WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED….I do feel your pain girl…THE SISTAS are in Griffin :(…and you KNOW I miss them!

  5. I understand what you are saying. It’s a new season of life for me…although the same location.

    I’m glad you’re growing where you’re planted. One thing’s for sure…you’re growing on me! 🙂

    Love you.

  6. gayla

    I believe that to grow where you are planted is just another way of submitting to God. You know that when we do that ( in any area of our lives) it allows him to work and move and set things in place. For you, it could mean fulfilling the desire to be “back home”.

  7. I did grow up here, move away, and move back. But, no matter where I went, my roots dug deep in Christ and He brought forth the growth in me as the Branch (see John 15—SO good)

  8. Dusty, you have grown so much, I have seen it & you are a STRONG lady of God with a heart of GOLD as I have told you many times! I pray for peace as you are on this journey. love you!

  9. And don’t you move away from me. I’ll die, JUST DIE, of sadness.

  10. JOY

    I love that saying and it is so true. You are an amazing person and so special. You have touched so many lives and I know you will continue to touch many more. You are a BLESSED woman. GROW GIRL GROW!!!!

  11. I love what Scott Williams said. As roots grow where you are planted, needing to be repotted means we are growing. What a need example. Grow Dusty grow!! Love you much. Miss you too!!!

  12. Good ol’ Cindybeall. She’ll getcha.

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