A Safe Place.

I’ve been blessed over the years to have people in my life who are a safe place for me.  By safe place, I mean friends who let me be Dusty without passing judgment.  I can tell anything to these friends and know that my words – my feelings – spoken in confidence will remain in confidence.  These same friends can speak into my life when I am out of line, because they truly love me. 

They would never let me wear bulky shoes with a feminine dress.  Nor would they let me eat a hot Krispy Kreme donut all by myself.  And, they would never, ever uncover any yuck part of me. 

Whenever we uncover another, we create a path of destruction for that person to have to travel down.  Unfortunately, I have had moments in my life where I have done just that. 

But, I have learned from those moments.  And, I have become a safe place for others.

I’m grateful for these safe places.

Do you have a safe place?  Are you a safe place for someone else? 


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9 responses to “A Safe Place.

  1. Doug

    I am so blessed to have had people in my life who provided a very safe place. It was actually a life saver for me…. I would not have made it without these people. Dusty…. you and your family were and remain a place of safety for me. Thanks…. Love you my sista!

  2. There have been times that I became convinced of safe places, only to find that I had been deceived. Now in life people get all of me all the time, guess it goes without saying that I have few friends and no best friends. I do commit to being a safe haven for others though. I believe it’s an importaint thing to have.

  3. Ihave a ouple of safe people…probably more than I realize though. I hope I’m a safe place to others. I just know all of us really do need each other. It makes the journey easier to travel!

  4. Amanda Morgan

    I have few safe places. I have been deceived and manipulated in the past so I hesitate to seek a safe place. I hope that I am safe place to many. I feel that I am. Right now my safe places are Dusty “tater tat” Takle and my precious husband. For real.

  5. I have a few. It is a comfortable place where you can be yourself and be loved. I know in relationships we have a “judas” pop up that still does not demenish the value of core relationships. We are wounded and healed both in the same arena “relationship”. Love ya dusty! stay warm I am considereing taking a chair to the beach before work tonight. There is another source of healing..even Garth says that.

  6. Judy


  7. I have some safe places. People have a hard time when you are real. But I know you have to trust to allow others to be that safe place for you! (my issue) lol…. I hope I am a safe place to let others! I do care about others, try to listen, check on them, then follow up…
    Great blog Dusty!

  8. My safe place is with my sweet husband.

  9. My husband is my safe place.

    I think I am a safe place, too.

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