He sent frequent text messages.

My boy donned a tuxedo.



And, Anna….well…..

Let’s just say Kris didn’t win the fashion wars.  I was sure of it when I returned home to see her wearing this.


A lovely tank top in the heart of winter. 

I sure did miss that girl.  Kris decided to document their chain of events by sending me regular text messages.  Here was the first incoming message:

“I am about to fall over with laughter listening to Anna talk her shew-wee out.”

Um, how do you spell “shew-wee” anyway?

He took her to Redrock Canyon Grill for their first date night, a local favorite for watching sunset while you dine.  Kris messaged, “She has quite the appetite….and the cow bell just went off for sunset, and she wants to go ring it now.”   He continued, “I think I have {the cow bell ringing} under control now.”

When he sent this one:

“I miss you guys, but we are having a blast.  This is precious for Anna and me.” 

I knew sweet memories were being made.

In the meantime, John Henry and I had our own fun celebrating the wedding of a very close family friend – my God sister, Sandyn who married Captain Elic Colwell who is the brother of Lindsey Takle who is the wife of Dr. Leiv Takle, Jr. who is the brother of Kris Takle who is the husband of me.  Yes, six degrees….

And some pics just for funsies.


(An itty bitty part of the wedding party, and John Henry doing his best imitation of my dad.)


(John Henry with his cousins, Bella and Macie.)


(My dad and son.  Two of my favorite men.)


The groom, Elic, the bride, Sandyn…her sister, Brittany, Andy & Carson Thoms)


I could’ve taken that little guy home with me.  For real.


Oh, and me with my completely beautiful mama. 

That’s it.  We’re all tired.  And I’m happy to be back with my husband and fashion trailblazer.

How was your weekend?



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9 responses to “He sent frequent text messages.

  1. I thought your mother was your sister. FOR REAL!

  2. Dusty, the pictures were sooo GOOD!! I loved the one of you & your Mama! And Anna in her tank top, (laughed on that one!!) The one of your Dad and JH was priceless as your Mom would say! But they all were! I loved all of the pictures! Hope you catch up on your rest! ilu

  3. Christie

    Look now, Anna can’t help herself— she’s a hottie!!!! should we rehash all our past fashion forward hijinks… heck,kate out grew wearing the punky brewster 2 different socks era. there is hope for the girl.

  4. Oh, well now I see where you get all of your good looks! (Your mama!!). What a beautiful family you have (inside and out). Love the pics!

  5. Amanda Morgan

    Your mama is beautiful! Your girls have good genes!!! Lucky. Glad you had a great weekend.

  6. Brenda

    Enjoyed spending the weekend with you and my handsome nephew, JH!!!Love ya’ll!

  7. Those pics are darlin’! Glad you’re home.

  8. It was great to see you this weekend! John Henry was great in the pics! Oh, and I took your treadmill advice…OUCH!

  9. Don’t know how I am JUST NOW SEEING this, but Carson googled his name and found your blog! HOW FUN! Love you, Durstee. 🙂 xoxo

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