Go easy on the blueberries.

On Sunday, I made the ominous decision to eat healthier.  ‘Cause let’s face it.  These Valentine hearts and M&Ms aren’t going to jump off my hips all by themselves.  So, instead of digging through the candy jar in search of some sort of satisfaction that only sugar can bring, I chose to inhale an entire carton of blueberries.  Tart ones.  And, they were almost as satisfying as those Dove Chocolates I lifted from Anna’s Valentine sack she so carefully decorated. 

Fast forward to Monday where I was forced to make myself comfortable in the ladies’ room with a few magazines and games on my iPhone.  Needless to say, Kris won’t have to tell me again to leave a few blueberries for the rest of the family. 

Moving on.

I am blessed.

I go to a super awesome bible study with some super awesome gals.  {Read as though you are back in Junior High.}  Yesterday, we talked about what it means to be blessed.  Well, “blessed” comes from the Greek word “makarios” which means “more than happy.”  We all did that thing where you go around the room and share what “blessed” means to you.  To me, it means that I have a peace in good times and in bad.  Every situation that comes your way is not going to be a situation where you shout, “Wow, that was blessing, wasn’t’ it?”  But, when you have the peace of God despite your circumstances, then you can keep on keepin’ on.  Read me?  That’s a blessing. 

For example, I can have a really crappy day that may look something like this:

– Wake up, feel yuck about myself, and don’t feel good in anything I put on.

– Fashion wars with a 4 year old.  Emotional breakdown with a 6 year old.  Need I say more?

– Have a stupid argument with my husband.

– Money becomes even tighter.

Perhaps you can relate to one or all of the above.  It’s the little, sometimes big, things than can make for a crappy day.

BUT then, I remember.

– I have a body that is whole.  And, the last colonoscopy I had showed no signs of ulcerative colitis.  I am blessed to live in this body.

– I have two very unique children.  One makes my life so much dang fun.  I laugh often because of her.  The other is tender and gentle towards others.  His compassion inspires me to love people even more.

– I am married to a warrior who fights hard for this family.  He puts us first, and I am so emphatically in love with him.

– God has never forsaken me.  He is my Jehovah Jirah. 

You see?  I am blessed.  Even when things aren’t perfect.  I am more than happy.  Because, I have this peace of God that reminds me no matter what, everything is gonna be all right.

Oh, and the blueberry story?  Well, that was just a little free advice.  No need to thank me.

What does being blessed mean to you?


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11 responses to “Go easy on the blueberries.

  1. Of course all the physical stuff, I still walk with no assistance, I have a sound mind(after a successful Lobotomy). I am blessed with a marriage that brings me joy, I have good kids that are as different as can be. And I have friends who would crawl in a fox hole and fight for me! And I have ahd the Kingdom of Christ revealed to me by His word abd Spirit. In the end, when the pyhsical stuff goes a-muck. I got the Kingdom!

  2. Sounds like this could preach. Just sayin’. 🙂 Love you….and I am BLESSED to have you in my life.

    Blessings: Accepting EVERYTHING He sends as something good for me—even when it doesn’t seem like it. The overwhelming knowing that HE is in control!

  3. Judy

    I can see you standing on that hearth with your arm in the air singing I’M BLESSED, I’M BLESSED, I’M BLESSED, I AM BLEEEESSSSEDDD….of course you were 3…but it sorta set the course of your life don’t ya think?…we are blessed for sure….

  4. I don’t like blue berries, thank God! ha! Great blog, blessed for sure!! Blessed to be able to wake up in the morning to say, “I love you Lord”! Blessed to have a wonderful family, friends! Blessed that with God, nothing is impossible!! Thank God! I could go on, & will here in my journal. I too am blessed to have you are my buddy Dusty!

  5. Dusty Takle

    Mike, l like “when the physical stuff goes a-muck, I’ve got the Kingdom!” Sooo good.

    Robin, Back atcha. I am blessed to have YOU!!! Truly, I’m richer because of your friendship.

    Judy, I just love it that you know those things. Just love it. Yes, it did sorta set teh course for my life. For real!

    Lynn, You don’t like blueberries? Really? Well, neither does my mom. Go figure. But, do you like green plums?

  6. Yuck, NO green plums for this woman! lol, there is more good tasting stuff out there? ha! Praise the Lord for no signs of ulcerative colitis!!!AMEN!!! God is good!!!

  7. Doug

    I love God. I am blessed to still be married to the best girl in the world, going on 18 years. I have two of the greatest kids in the world. I could not have scripted a better family, and we are all heathy. I have friends that would be there if I called. With all of this going for me what else could I want. Jobs and things come and go.

  8. Gayla

    I am blessed, blessed, blessed….

  9. Des

    I was feeling bummed the other day about something or other and was having an Eeyore moment when I forced myself to count all the ways I was blessed at that moment. Yikes, I came up with over a dozen just within a few feet radius of me. Counting blessings sure does work; along with sheep.

  10. Wendy Verdon

    I love green plums…with salt!

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