The Negotiator


Living with us is one little girl with some mad negotiating skills.  We have to stand our ground – all tough-like.  Anna, ahem, Angel can explain her way out of and into a lot. 

But, we’re onto her.

And her subtly cunning nature.

Take last night for example.  She futility attempted to talk her dad into letting her watch a movie while she “falls asleep.”  Yeah.  Whatev’. 

Enters Mom.  Before I begin her bedtime prayers, she says to Kris, “Dad, could you step into the hall, please?”  In other words, can you get out so I can usurp your authority by asking mom what you just said no to?  Or something like that.

Do you have a negotiator or sly one?  {Or not so sly in this case.}
How do you handle their attempts at negotiation?


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9 responses to “The Negotiator

  1. Negotiator, huh. Both of mine just argue. Then I say no again. They argue a little more. I start to raise my voice. They start to beg. I start yelling. They’re crying. I feel bad.

    It works for us.

    Kiddin’. It doesn’t work for us but I am so at my wits end with the arguing. Dear Lord, need….help….now…

  2. I keep telling people Reese will be the best sales person EVER because she just doesn’t quit. She is the most persistent child when it comes to getting what she wants I have ever met. So, I understand having to hold your ground. It’s hard around here.

  3. Had a housefull of negotiators here….still have two 🙂

    Our Anna even called her dad “Daddy Honey”….it worked every time!

    The best thing I’ve ever found to work is saying, “There will be no more discussion.” And then DON’T!

    They are really excellent at bringing us to their level, huh?

  4. Karen

    My biggest problem was the fact I was the ‘bad guy’ in the area of dicipline, where Chris would ALWAYS let Joe off being grounded early. He wanted his playmate, you see.

    We also had times (back when spanking was corporal punishment) I would be told by Joe that if I spanked him, he was telling his dad. He got an extra couple of swats for that, with instructions to be sure to tell him. If he did tell, he got it from his dad for tatteling on me.

    Fun times. (I’m so glad it’s over!)

  5. Judy

    I am the mother of Lance and Bonnie….enough said lol….best weapon is for you and Kris to stick together…DO NOT LET THOSE LITTLE ONES DIVIDE AND CONQUER…they will try as Anna did…it is hard not to laugh….being sly and negotiating are not bad qualities…maybe biblical???….you just have to make sure they are used righteously lol…have fun with that

  6. I have several. Mine do the divide and conquer and the bargaining technique. They know daddy and I discuss everything so its been less the divide and conquer as of late. I also have kids who will say ok they won’t do it and then do it anyways. I have one arguer. This child will argue until she is blue in the face for at least 30 minutes after I have said no discussion. She will argue it to HERSELF even in her bedroom. This poor kid, God really is going to use her, He is going to have to break her down first though.

  7. Kate

    I love how quick Anna thought that through!!!!!!! She is fabulous!!! I know, I know, you have teach her the “right thing.” BUT, how funny!!! Katelynn is like that. The problem is….. she usually comes up with a valid point when she negotiates. They are sooo smart.

  8. In our house sometimes it feel like it is Craig and I against the world. Both with the kids and the father in law.

    She is rather cute. I take it that angel momma didn’t let angel watch her movie. LOL

  9. Christie

    i just have to remind them who foots the bill and drives their and their little friends behinds around. When that fails, we yell.hmmmm. they aren’t as smart as Anna/Angel though.

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