Friday Funnies.

My kids make me laugh.  Here are some of their recent quotes.

John Henry:  “Everybody was born in a hospital except Jesus.”

Anna (When I told her Nan was on the phone to talk to her): “Tell her I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

John Henry (In response to Anna telling him a boy at school bit her): “I don’t usually use my anger, but I will use it on him if he does it again.”

This next quote is courtesy of one of Anna’s pre-school teachers.   Here is the conversation that followed when Miss Audra informed Anna that her cat was pregnant:

Anna:  “Can I have one?”

Miss Audra:  “Sure!  What color?”

Anna:  “A rainbow sparkly kitty.”

Miss Audra:  “I don’t think my kitty will have rainbow sparkly babies.”

Anna told me that Miss Audra’s cats have not “hatched out yet.”  She has also invited her pre-school teachers to come to Cabo and Georgia with us.  They told me they are very excited. 

Aren’t kids the best ever?


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8 responses to “Friday Funnies.

  1. That was a great start to my blog morning…how funny! I don’t think that a day goes by that I don’t hear something along those lines from Isaac or Kenzie, kids are amazing!

  2. Those on-liners lets us know thw apple does not fall too far from the tree. thanks for the chuckle. been up since 4:30 working on some plans for 19th meeting and I needed a comedic moment! Love ya!

  3. Judy

    Poor Nannnnnnnnn….lol…..your kids are of course ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Julie

    Your “they haven’t hatched yet” reminded me of when I was pregnant with Katie, Anna continually asked when she was going to “come out.” So, when Katie was finally “born” Anna (at 2 1/2) told everybody that “Baby Katie finally came out.” It always sounded kinda debutante”ish” … Now, Anna’s fixing to be 21 in June (what??????) and still makes me laugh on a daily basis! Those Annas!

  5. Dusty Takle

    Mike, I’m here to help 🙂 On the snowballs, mangos, and rowing, too!

    Judy, Nan is used to this behavior from Anna. Now, if John Henry ever said such…well, that’s another story!

    Julie, Yes. Gotta love those Annas!

  6. That was the funniest, sweetest. Loved JH, with “I don’t usually use my anger” haha! cutest BIG brother! I had Ty (almost 4) this week, he hid eggs, and would tell me where they were hid, but wouldn’t let me get them. it was funny! He would run & snatch them up! Saved me alot of energy! lol

  7. Cute stories….and the best part (besides hearing them) is that you’ve got them written down!! I wish so badly that I had documented more of the cute things my kids said. So….keep it up! 🙂

  8. “I don’t usually use my anger, but I will use it on him if he does it again.”

    I love this!! My son thinks it is ok to pick on his sister..But Boy help the person who picks on her. He gets mad.

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