Our Little Circle of Love.


For more than twenty-four hours, Kris and I searched for his wedding band.

“The last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen counter,” I told him.

“I know.  Me, too,” he agreed.

So, we searched.  And, we searched some more.  Until finally, we had exhausted all of our options.

All save one.

The morning that followed our search mission, Kris cornered Anna.

“Baby doll, have you seen daddy’s wedding ring?” He gently asked her.

“Hmmm.  I think I have.  Let me check.  YOU STAY RIGHT HERE!”  She ordered.

A few seconds later, Anna hand delivered Kris’ wedding band.  He praised her, but also told her how special the ring is to him.

Later that morning, I followed Anna into her room, and asked, “Where was daddy’s wedding band?”

She pulled a little box out of her school backpack and showed me where it had been resting.

“Anna, did you take daddy’s ring to school?” I asked her.

“Yes!  I wanted to show my friends!”  She said.

So, she did.  And, we know that there is, indeed, a God of the universe, because, that circle of love made it back home. 

I pray years from now, she shows that same ring to her friends, and says, “My parents are great examples of what love, pursuit, and commitment are all about.”  Except, I hope she tells us this time J


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11 responses to “Our Little Circle of Love.

  1. Wendy Verdon

    I love it! That is too cute. You describe things so that you can actully see this all happening! She is precious. Love the photo too, she looks like a mess!

  2. Ok so I almost started crying when I read this…..great story! That girls can be so precious at times, can’t she?

  3. Well, I’m glad it meant enough to her to keep safe all day!!! I would not take my wedding ring off if I were you. Something tells me that a girl who wants a rainbow sparkly kitten may not let go of a shiny diamond with as much joy.

  4. Audra Smalley

    Oh my goodness Anna Takle!!! Did she bring to CH? I never saw it there if she did. Well I am so glad he has it back!

  5. Amanda Morgan

    Love her! Great story! I am amazed it stayed safe with her and made it back home to you. God is good. You are such a good storyteller. Love the picture, she is so sassy!

  6. susan hammond

    OMG! That little fashionista strikes again…I remember my first year of teaching (yes, Dusty, you were there!) Amy Bilinowski brought her mother’s 1 carat diamond ring to school and gave it to Laura Wallace because “she loved her so much!” We chuckled about that one for a very long time. Needless to say, there has never been a happier mom who had disassembled the garbage disposal the day before!

  7. Judy

    Have you ever asked Anna about the diamond earring you lost in PC lol….it is worth a try ……

  8. Runningmama, Advice taken!

    Audra, Yes, she brought it to CH. In her “collection box.”

    Amanda, can’t imagine where she gets “sassy” from. Weird.

    Susan, that story beats all mini jewel thief stories. Truly. Good one.

    Judy, I have already taken that lost earring to the cross 🙂

  9. Dusty, I love the blog today, it was funny, sweet, scary, and sweet again! She is a handful, sounds like, but a handful of joy!
    love ya!

  10. She is a Doll!

    It reminds me of Ryan about 5 years ago thanking me for still being married to his dad. He said that none of his friends have the same parents living together.

  11. seth

    I used to take mine off when i typed on the computer. About 6 months after being married I had mine on my desk and later went back for it and it was gone…yet the dog was sitting there looking at me. i was sure he ate it so for 4 days i followed him around outside with a ziplock bag on my hand digging through his poop and i never found it. A day after that I was just sitting there and asked him where it was and he ran into the dining room and practically pointed on it. I found it wedged under the leg of the dining table from where the CAT had played with it and pushed it under there. The dog got some healthy praise and a nice big rawhide bone and the cat was put outside for a few days. Im not sure what happened to that cat but i still have that dog 13 years later. 😀

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