In His Presence.


Meet Tony Brower.  Father of two beautiful daughters.  Skilled martial artist.  Unbelievable musician and songwriter.  Comedian.  Cowboy.  Jesus-Lover. 

No one sang “Rain of Your Presence” with more passion than Tony.  Let this song be our prayer.  Every day that we live.

Let the rain of your presence fall on me
Every day that I live with every breath I breathe
Let the rain of your presence fall on me
Everywhere that I go, Lord let your presence flow
Rain on Me
Love divine
Joy unspeakable
Overflowing in my soul
This heart of mine
Is refreshed and at rest
In Your presence, in Your presence

After a long battle with cancer, Tony stands today in our Savior’s very presence.  I know that joy unspeakable is overflowing in his soul.

You’ll be missed, Tony Brower.

Thank you for your passion and for teaching us what it means to be a fighter.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7


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10 responses to “In His Presence.

  1. Kevin

    Another warrior in heaven!

  2. Good job kid! I dont think know one could that tune justice except Jeff Mac once he come out of retirement.

  3. Julie

    Thanks Dusty.

  4. Tony was unforgetable and loveable. He will be missed. Hope God is letting him see how much people loved and admired him.

  5. Kate

    I loved that man! Tony was the kind of man that made you feel soooo special and valuable. He was a lover of people.

    One of my favorite memories is when he would sit at his piano and play and sing a song that he had written for either Julie or his girls. So sweet!

  6. Renice

    Precious man.

  7. kristen f

    You are so right kate…lover of people, and would make anyone feel like they were the most important person at that moment. Did you look at the pics on his website? I think my favorites are the few where he is doing something, and going to get into his car, and someone snapped a pic, and then you can tell he realized they were there, so he leaned it in and gave em that tony smile. Oh man. I get teary thinking about it. Miss him.

  8. Makes me miss him and I don’t even know him.

    Very nice tribute.

  9. Tony was such a great guy! Friends to anyone he was around! Just a bubbly personality! I know he loved his girls, his family! He was contagious, with the music he sang! I will have his music in my heart always!! Amazing love for God he shared in song! Got to say it, Julie, you were a wonderful to him! I remember the songs he sang with his daughters, for his daughters, I remember many times he was prayed for with his family! God used that man for many years after that, what a talent! loved the blog Dusty!! I can hear him singing that song right now down memory lane! Sweet!

  10. Ron

    In the words of Garth…’Good ride, cowboy, Good ride’

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