If Oprah Calls, Tell Her I’m Only Free On Fridays.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought God was trying to tell me something.  Last Saturday, I dreamed I won an Emmy for writing some fantastic television series.  Katherine Heigl was my BFF.  Oh, and I also saw John Travolta at some event, and I was like “Whatev” and all.  Then, last night I dreamed I was hanging out with Elvis Presley – the skinny, Viva Las Vegas Elvis, not the I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, because I can sing “How Great Thou Art” like it’s nobody’s business Elvis.

Since the king is no longer shakin’ it, I’m pretty sure it was the Benedryl talking and not the Almighty. 

Of course, those dreams sure are nicer than the dream that took years for me to recover from.  It’s the one where the Incredible Hulk chased me inside my dad’s church when I was a child.  It’s true.  You won’t like him when he’s angry.

I do have some real dreams.  You know, visions for my life.  The Bible says that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)  Since it’s true that one in two marriages end in divorce, I better have a vision for a closer, more intimate relationship with my husband, right?  A vision for a healthier me leads to time at the gym – something I saw for the first time yesterday in a very long time.  Otherwise, without this vision, I’ll probably just succumb to daily consumptions of chips and queso. 

We don’t just accidentally end up fulfilling visions.  We do it on purpose.  One of the visions I have for my children is for them to grow up with a heart after God.  That they will be fully surrendered followers of Christ all the days of their lives.  I realize this will probably not just happen.  So, I’m cautious with what kind of music they listen to.  I disciple them in small things.  We are intentional in praying before dinner.  I do things that will hopefully, with much prayer, lead them to seek His Kingdom first.

We have to be intentional.  To fulfill our life visions, we have to get there on purpose.

Do you have a vision for your life?  What are you doing on purpose to get there?


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4 responses to “If Oprah Calls, Tell Her I’m Only Free On Fridays.

  1. I try to keep simple, the vision that drives me is “make a difference”, whether your selling airpalne, raising younguns, or developing a church if you dont touch people with Christ like ways at the most rudemental part of life then we missed a chance to make a difference. If, you let that day go by, try agian the next day. Make the world miss you when your gone.

  2. Donna Wilson

    I just printed this out and taped it to my desk…..
    “We have to be intentional. To fulfill our life visions, we have to get there on purpose”.


  3. Amanda Morgan

    My vision is to continue to fulfill my passion with my job as well as with my children. God’s vision, I believe because he nudges and whispers it to me daily, is to only fulfill my passion with my children and other underpriviledged, homeless, malnourished, special needs children around the world and in my very own community. Everytime He whispers, I break, because my heart fills with the compassion of what I believe and what I truly want deep deep down to the very tip of my toes and what I know I really need to do in my life but I don’t have the courage at this point in my life to make that huge and terrifying step. How weak am I to put Him in a box? How weak am I to not lean on Him? How weak am I to not TRUST IN HIM? I am so weak. But everyday I pray to grow stronger and my relationship with Him grows daily.

  4. I have a purpose for many things in my life but sadly, I came to the realization a couple of days ago that I am parenting poorly. I am not parenting on purpose.

    I intend to change that.


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