So far this week….

Anna has insisted on wearing two pairs of underwear so she can “hold my pee longer.”

When John Henry and Anna disobeyed and were awaiting their impending discipline, John Henry said, “I forgot, Mom.  Can’t you please understand,” through his pitiful tears.

I had to discipline still, and it broke my heart.

I’ve had to remind myself of the “We Won’t Always Understand” more than once.

I got a little emotional over Matt’s save on American Idol….even though I text my vote for Kris one or one-hundred times every week.  (Not the husband Kris.  I can hardly encourage his vocals in the shower.)

I’ve watched my warrior of a husband get hit from all sides and still draw back his arrow, aim, and shoot. 

I’ve read “Purplicious” more times than I would have cared to.

And, I’ve thanked God that I am a Christ-follower, a wife, a mother, and an American Idol fan.  So, I didn’t thank God that I’m an American Idol fan.  But, I am pretty excited to watch it every week.

And you?  So far this week?


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7 responses to “So far this week….

  1. Wendy

    First of all, I love Anna’s way of “holding her pee” longer. 2nd – you have to get Pinkalicious by the same author, it is the book before Purpleicious. We just got Purplicious about 2 months ago and it is cute. But, she will love Pinkalicious as well! Trust me!

  2. Dusty Takle

    I knew Pinkilicious preceded Purplicious. I really need to get that. Purplicious is just plain mean!

  3. Kate

    I was awakened at 2 a.m. this morning by this sweet, toothless, little girl (who had secretly crawled into my bed) that was rubbing my back. As I layed there she continued rubbing my back for about 5 min. When I turned to look at her, she looked at me right in the eyes, kissed me, and said, “I love you SO much.” WOW!!! What a great Thursday!

  4. I enjoy your posts Dusty but I must say, I don’t get the Chris thing on AI…It’s a two man race. Coop had me vote for Adam, too cute

  5. Tracey

    Hey, I am going through my owns trials right now with my sixteen yr old and dating and boys and my Easter with her!! so heartbreaking to know she wanted to go to his house for Easter! *sniff* such a heartbreak after 15 yrs of having my lil angel with me. I myself and leaning hard on God to give me strength to accept her growing up and finding her own way. The not needing mamma part is a little tougher than I thought! LOL! So your blogs really help out even though yours is younger than mine. I can somehow use the things that happen to you in my own crisis! thanks for sharing these wonderful times in your life and Dusty…Cherish and hang on tight to the lil moments, they sure don’t seem to last long! LOL!!!! I remember you at Anna’s age! So sweet yet so determined to be in Dustyville!!!
    I have a story about you at 2 that you can share with Anna…You were with us at the grocery store running around singing.”SHAKE BOOTY SHAKE BOOTY” (from the shake your booty song) and you were shaking yours all over the store! You had everybodies attention .. after shopping and singing for about 25 min. everyones attention on that sweet, cute lil blonde baby girl. we go to the check out and you all of a sudden stop, get that stare and looked up at me ( who was 10 yrs old) and say <“I gotta tee tee and then you looked down at your feet as the puddle formed!!!! The whole store was laughing , she shook booty to Hard!!! LOL!!!!
    Love you girl. you will always hold a special place in my heart! as you use to call me , Love Tootsie!!!!

  6. Brenda

    Like the 2 pair of panties…by the time she is 50, she will be wearing 50 pairs! LOL! As far as the save for Matt goes, I think it was just prolonging his stay on AI until next week. The guy was so far of key at times that he was in another zipcode..sorry old music theory and band joke! God is teaching me to trust Him even when there doesn’t seem to be any hope left. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel when I finally get to the end of the tunnel…it may be in the same zipcode as Matt’s key! LOL! Time to spend some time laying before the Lord(in the sun, at the beach)!!!!! Happy Spring Break!

  7. I, too, thank God for blessing me with American Idol. Even with “idol” in the name.


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