He Makes All Things Good.

Good news.  I didn’t throw up. 

This past Saturday, I spoke at a Mother-Daughter Luncheon.  Anna participated in the annual fashion show revealing how she completely despises the spotlight.  I’ll see if I can get a video clip to post in the near future. 

I seriously enjoy that girl.  She’s a good balance for me and keeps any legalism I may exhibit from time to time in check. 

On Sunday, I spoke at Eagles Way Church.  I have to say I don’t take for granted the opportunity for God to use me from that pulpit.  My grandfather stood from that pulpit.  My dad stands from that pulpit every week.  My grandfather loved God’s Word more than anyone I’ve ever known.  My dad loves the Kingdom more than he loves himself.  They are both selfless men in that pulpit.  And, I had a heightened awareness that the pulpit is not about me.  Not.One.Bit.

I was nervous.  But, I had a calmness and peace that I knew could only come from God.  So, thanks to all of you who were praying.  Just another reason why I love the body of Christ.

Bigmama told me, “You did a real good job.  But, I was hopin’ you’d get happy in the end.”

“What do you mean by ‘happy’ Bigmama?”

“You know.  Where you get all excited and quote a bunch of scriptures,” she explained.

I love that woman.  She can say whatever she wants to me.  It was, after all, her husband who stood from the pulpit first.

I was pretty tired Sunday afternoon.  I spent the afternoon watching some cheesy Lifetime movie with my mom.  She loves cheesy Lifetime movies.  And, I love her.  I also apparently love cheesy Lifetime movies, because once I start watching one, I have to watch it play out.  Cra-zee.

After a delayed flight, we made it back to Oklahoma.  When I tucked Anna in, she told me, “God and Jesus make good things.”  It reminded me of this scripture in Romans 8:28:

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. 

The verse that follows says, “For God knew his people in advance….” 

God loves you.  He knew you before you were ever conceived.  He was already on the other side of whatever you are going through right now long before you were thought of.  He has already made all things good.  Don’t lose heart.  Your victory is on its way.  And, if I need to get happy and quote a bunch of scriptures to remind you, just let me or Bigmama know.


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11 responses to “He Makes All Things Good.

  1. Judy

    Don’t know if you memba I sang often at Eway…Big Mama neva said it was good…however, when your Dad and I were doing a puppet show for you youngins, we got carried away and he got to preachin (his puppet did) and of course my puppet got to shoutin (i did) to the point that we lost our place in the script…well, good ole Bigmama got me after VBS and said “NOW SEE THERE THAT WAS GOOD, I WANT YOU TO DO THAT ON SUNDAY” LOL…she meant it…Bigmama loves for the place to ROCK…and I am seeing more and more that He specializes in making all things good…..can’t wait to get my DVD :)…but i am a little worried about the drawers comment lolololol

  2. shanna

    I neede to hear this today 🙂 Miss you!

  3. Amanda Morgan

    I realize it isn’t all about me but, I think God used you to write this for me. Crying now. I love you. I needed this. I feel like you are talking directly to me. Big hug to my Dusty.

  4. First thing that comes to me is, “touching lives”. You touch lives in a great way, along with your parents, your children as sweet as they are with their childlike faith. The legacy your Granddaddy left was the faith to touch lives, for lives to change hearing the word of God. Cleansing us, encouraging us, reminding us that we are loved. Good job Dusty, the word that you spoke from the pulpit, touched many lives. I know there were lots of hands that were raised and you prayed over lives that needed a touch from God!!

  5. Brenda

    Thanks! I REALLY needed to hear that today. You don’t know how many times you have encouraged me. Waiting for the” All things good”! Love ya!

  6. Mom

    I have always been so proud of my baby girl, and on Saturday when you spoke at our Mother/Daughter luncheon I sat in awe, then when you hit it out of the ball park on Sunday Morning with your message, your heart, and the anointing that followed, I was speachless, I saw your Grandfather and your father in you, but more importantly, I saw your Heavenly Father thru you! Dusty, thank you for hearing God’s voice and letting Him work thru you! You DID touch so many lives, and I believed it changed, planted seeds, and misnistered to more than you will ever know. I love you so very much!

  7. Love you, loved the comments…can’t wait to hear more…and whatever you said about drawers 🙂

  8. Gayla

    Dusty, loved your message Sunday am. When I was trying to conceive ( it took some time), Ray would say…when we have a son, we will name him Sam…
    I prayed and prayed to conceive. Judy Boyd gave my a small book about Hannah..I prayed those prayers…I have a Samuel…asked of God… he belongs to HIM…isn’t God good….

  9. mikeT

    I will think of you every time I double fist it for Jesus! You let God flow thru you, and it was good. Your dad goes on these wild scripture orations at the end of the service. That’s the “happy” Big Mama is talking about I think, and it is awesome. You are the best. End of story.

  10. Missy Torres

    That was beautiful, good words I know I am a day late but I needed that today wednesday the 13th. Today Bri starts counseling and I have been praying that God will prepare her heart, anyway those were good words to hear. Love you and by the way I love lifetime….lol

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