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Well, Bigmama’s 90th birthday did not go unnoticed.  I was sad to miss all the hoopla, although I did talk to Aunt Kate, Bigmama’s 94 year old sister, on the phone for the better part of my Friday evening. 

She enjoys talking on the phone.

Aunt Kate, who spent Friday evening at my parents’ house celebrating Bigmama , always makes me laugh.  And, she never fails to tell me or anyone else exactly what’s on her mind.

“Your daddy is drivin’ me crazy.  I understand now why you live so far way,” she told me.  If you’ll recall, Aunt Kate is the rebel of the family, and she’ll gladly give you a Dixie cup for your snuff.  Heck, she’ll even share her snuff. 

Here are the two sisters here. 

Bigmama - Kate wp

And, here they are laughing.  Really hard.  {Notice the Dixie cup.}

Bigmama - Kate 2 wp

I’m blessed to have the Godly heritage that I have.  I’m blessed that I can call Bigmama any time of day, and if I ask her, she’ll pray the most powerful prayer FULL of faith over my life.  My own heritage has me thinking about the legacy I will leave my children’s children.  This means I have to parent intentionally.  I think I’ll share a few of those thoughts over the next couple of days. 

Or, I might share on my new love for yard sales.  Or, how I spend the extra money for the real maple syrup, because it’s healthier, but also buy Pringles potato chips.  Or, how Anna likes to sleep in her swimsuit underneath her gown these days.  I could be wrong, but I think she’s ready for summer.

Happy Monday, Y’all.


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90 Never Looked So Good.

Sure, the Treaty of Versailles was a big deal, but this was bigger.

90 years ago tomorrow, Bigmama was born.

Bigmama 90

I’m glad she was.  And, I’m also glad for her salmon patties, biscuits and pecan-less pecan pies.  Oh, and for always pouring half of a can of evaporated milk into my coffee.

She has a faith like no other, virtues that have stood the test of time, and the deepest love for her family.

Happy Birthday Bigmama.  You always make me smile.


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He Makes All Things Good.

Good news.  I didn’t throw up. 

This past Saturday, I spoke at a Mother-Daughter Luncheon.  Anna participated in the annual fashion show revealing how she completely despises the spotlight.  I’ll see if I can get a video clip to post in the near future. 

I seriously enjoy that girl.  She’s a good balance for me and keeps any legalism I may exhibit from time to time in check. 

On Sunday, I spoke at Eagles Way Church.  I have to say I don’t take for granted the opportunity for God to use me from that pulpit.  My grandfather stood from that pulpit.  My dad stands from that pulpit every week.  My grandfather loved God’s Word more than anyone I’ve ever known.  My dad loves the Kingdom more than he loves himself.  They are both selfless men in that pulpit.  And, I had a heightened awareness that the pulpit is not about me.  Not.One.Bit.

I was nervous.  But, I had a calmness and peace that I knew could only come from God.  So, thanks to all of you who were praying.  Just another reason why I love the body of Christ.

Bigmama told me, “You did a real good job.  But, I was hopin’ you’d get happy in the end.”

“What do you mean by ‘happy’ Bigmama?”

“You know.  Where you get all excited and quote a bunch of scriptures,” she explained.

I love that woman.  She can say whatever she wants to me.  It was, after all, her husband who stood from the pulpit first.

I was pretty tired Sunday afternoon.  I spent the afternoon watching some cheesy Lifetime movie with my mom.  She loves cheesy Lifetime movies.  And, I love her.  I also apparently love cheesy Lifetime movies, because once I start watching one, I have to watch it play out.  Cra-zee.

After a delayed flight, we made it back to Oklahoma.  When I tucked Anna in, she told me, “God and Jesus make good things.”  It reminded me of this scripture in Romans 8:28:

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. 

The verse that follows says, “For God knew his people in advance….” 

God loves you.  He knew you before you were ever conceived.  He was already on the other side of whatever you are going through right now long before you were thought of.  He has already made all things good.  Don’t lose heart.  Your victory is on its way.  And, if I need to get happy and quote a bunch of scriptures to remind you, just let me or Bigmama know.


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And, if I see a set of scales, I’m gonna holler.

Back home.  And, what’s done is done.  The display I put on last week in the Peach State – then on a getaway to Amelia Island – is somewhat regrettable.  I don’t even want to see the numbers.  There is simply no sense in weighing myself until I fast all things edible for the next twenty-one days.  At least.  More to come on the Amelia Island getaway tomorrow. 

I’ve received numerous e-mails – okay, two – requesting a posting on Bigmama’s thoughts.  I always love coming home and visiting my almost 90 year old grandmother.  Her words of wisdom are, well, they’re enlightening.  I recorded a few of her comments the first day of my visit.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Upon complaining to Bigmama about the weather, she told me to “Hush.  This is God’s weather!”  So, I did.

When watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” Bigmama responded in defiance, “I’m gonna wear what I got!”

On the Playtex bra commercial:  “They used to not show stuff like that.”

Parenting advice from Bigmama:  “Don’t yell at your kids.  It makes ‘em mad.”

After looking at my iPhone:  “Show me how to press buttons on that thing.”

When learning how much the iPhone cost:  “That’s not so bad if it’ll do all that.”

I have to agree with Bigmama.  I can also appreciate that a woman who won’t buy canned salmon unless it’s on sale could actually justify buying an iPhone.   She is a woman who surely knows how to prioritize her life. 






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