My Prayer Challenge.

I am usually a person of prayer.  I find it easiest to pray over my children, for travel mercies, or for others with needs.  But, I have found myself slacking in praying for things, specifically desires, in my own life.  I have felt challenged in my prayer life recently. 

To pray without ceasing.

I think I tend to pray for something I desire.  Then, I stop there.  I leave it.  Because, I just assume that whatever God’s will is will be anyway.  So, why continue to pray for it?

But, where is the glory in this?  How can God get glory in answering our prayers when we stop praying?  When we just presume that whatever be will be?

I’m not taking away from God’s will for our lives.  But, what if, at times, we delay His will, because we become slack in our prayer life?

I’m just thinkin’.  Out loud.  On my blog.

In scripture, we see people of faith who prayed with persistence.  How many times did Elijah send his servant to the top of the mountain?  He prayed with perseverance. 

And, God honored His request.

Maybe, like Elijah, you are facing your Mount Carmel. 


And, pray again.

I think I’ll do the same.

Never stop praying.  1 Thessalonians 5:17


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3 responses to “My Prayer Challenge.

  1. Susan

    I find when I stop praying, my heart stops functioning at 100%~I stop being thoughtful of the needs of others; I become indulgent and selfish…so PRAY ON GURL!!

  2. The way I look at prayer concerning my desires, is that I didn’t always give my children what they asked for the first time they asked…sometimes I even said n0, only to change my mind later as they continued to talk to me about their desire….so HECK, I just keep asking….and I trust He doesn’t give me something that will harm me…my part is to pray…His part is to answer!!!

  3. Yeah, I tend to not ask for myself for desires. In fact, lately, God has been tugging at my heart, to “desire, dream”. So, it is amazing how God used your blog today to put that prayer on my list for my desires. I think Woman, think, “so many others have so many things going on, it may be selfish to want or desire”? I speak for myself there. ha, great blog, thoughts Dusty!! much love!

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