It Was Her Special Day.

John Henry was packing to spend the night with his Daddy Bryan.  Anna was sobbing to go with him.  She pulled her pink suitcase out of her closet and began shoving her clothes in.  Sure, that wasn’t heart-breaking.  Kris and I had already planned a date night out.  I began to question our decision to proceed with our evening knowing I had a little girl with a sad heart.

In steps Nan.  {My Mom.}

Who makes all things good.  Kind of like Jesus.  Just not exactly like Jesus.  But pretty dang close.

Nan assured Anna that she would have a special day. 

And a special day she did.

The heart-mending began with a manicure and pedicure.

Anna - pedicure wp

Nothing cures the blues like a little nail care.  Even if these are your color picks:

Anna - nails wp

Anna later acquired this loot from a little shopping with Nan:

Anna - loot wp

The hair salon diva  Barbie doll was unavailable for this photo op.  However, the loofah and watermelon made it in.  Seriously, who DOESN’T need a pink loofah?  And watermelon?  And cake? 

Thinking I have a sad heart coming on myself.

Oh, Nan!


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9 responses to “It Was Her Special Day.

  1. See! This is why I’m ready to be a grandma! So much spoiling to be done.

  2. Gayla

    Where in the world is this nail salon? There is nothing better than being pampered and someone buying you gifts….what a fun day!

  3. Destiny

    Yes, Please tell us where the adorable nail salon is located!
    Are you in G-Town?

  4. Very impressive Nan!! You did wonders with her heart!! Took her heart and sang songs to it. lol, so, sweet of a memory to tuck away. huh? And Dusty, you have a beautiful reminder for Anna when she grows up to have her own grandchildren. wayyyyy down the road. ha! Loved the blog! Love you!

  5. Wendy Verdon

    That is sooooo cute. I have never seen a nail salon for kids, that is the coolest! Where is it?

    Anna is a special and sweet little girl. I love the innocence of children, it is so real.

  6. Mom

    Dusty, you ARE and will always be my “baby” and if your heart is sad, I will do my best to put a song in it as Lynn said! It was one of my greatest joys to have a special day with Anna Banana, you should see the “list” that she actually had written the night before, it was priceless. I am so thankful to be able to have these opportunities, Thank you Kris & Dusty! As I have mentioned once before, when I held John Henry (my 1st grandchild) in my arms, it was then & there I knew why I was created…to be a “Nan” When Anna was born, How God put such a huge heart inside of me that I never thought possible! And each time I see her smile, hear her laugh, and JH comes and throws his arms around me, then they both look into my eyes and “I love you Nan” my heart overflows, There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them! I LOVE my family!

  7. Mom

    Sorry, forgot, that salon is J & J Nails located in Roses’ shopping center…yea…go figure!

  8. Sabrina

    Oh Dusty how blessed you are, which I’m sure that you’re well aware of! How I’ve only dreamed of those days that I wished my daughter could’ve had with my mom! She went to be with Jesus when I was 23. But oh what a glorious day that will be when we all get to heaven and get to sit at the feet of Jesus……… about a perfect pedicure huh?
    Barbara… are awesome. Can I “adopt” you for my daughter’s Nan????? Even if she is 15 years old already????
    And Anna, I must say that you have marvelous taste in polish color. My 15 year old (Kaylee) had that very same green on this weekend:).

  9. Uncle Ken

    I can’t believe y0u left out the part where I taught her some new songs that night. ” If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”…….

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