He’s In the Impossible.

Last night at the dinner table, we were throwing around the scripture in Luke 18 that “what’s impossible with man is possible with God.”  It became our blanket answer for every problem thrown on the table.  I was being somewhat silly with it.  Hard to imagine.  I’m sure.  But, the reality of the verse is that while we can’t do everything, God can.

It might be the simplest matter of throwing our hands up in surrender to our King and crying out, “God, I need you.”

Or, laying something down at His feet.

Or, the remarkable realization of how truly massive – how great – He is. 

That we are able to finally sit back and recognize that we are nothing.  And, He is everything.

So, we can truly experience that what is impossible for us is possible for God.

And, watch Him perform the impossible.


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3 responses to “He’s In the Impossible.

  1. Susan

    Just last night, I threw up my hands and declared to God, “I am nothing. I am not worthy.” And then today, you blogged me! You are so special..what is the coolest thing to me is we can ask anything and we get signs…sometimes not the sign we hoped for but I often have to be knocked back into reality. I mean praying for a winning lottery ticket when I don’t purchase them ..blah, blah, blah! BTW, LOVE IS A MIRACLE!

  2. I know that keeps me humble to KNOW i am nothing without Him, His help, His love, His faithfulness, I have NOTHING to offer anyone without Him! Loved the blog! I saw Big Mama and her sister at Walmart just now. They looked so sweet turning every corner together. lol, priceless!

  3. I have been reading the last couple of chapters of Job recently – over and over. It sends chills all over me when God tells Job to brace himself and get ready to answer God and then God proceeds to question Job and even use a little sarcasm.

    Awesome – Mighty – HUGE does not even begin to describe Him!!!

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