Four Friends.

Today, I leave for a three day adventure with my Mom, Judy Young, and Bonnie Spencer– my friend of more than thirty-one years, who just happens to be Judy’s daughter.   Gotta love lifelong friendships.  And, it’s the first time the four of us have taken a road trip together.  I know, right?

A few things are certain for the time I’ll spend with these three:

– Laughs will be plentiful.

– I won’t go hungry.  As a matter of fact, I’m pur-tee sure I’ll OD on carbohydrates.  And, maybe even bacon. 

– Judy will laugh out loud at Bonnie and me.  I can even hear her now.

– My Mom will do most of the drivin’.  ‘Cause she’s responsible like that.

– Bonnie will talk me into getting the new iPhone 3G(S) due to be released June 19.  I won’t be a hard sale.  ‘Cause I’m responsible like that. 

– Bonnie and I will have compassion and understanding for one another as we demonstrate our ability to respond to e-mails, Twitter, text and discuss the latest trends in sunglasses all simultaneously. 

– Breakfast.  We won’t miss a one. 

– A buffet.  Somewhere.

Did I mention we’ll eat? 

I’m excited.  Very Excited.  Oh, and we won’t wear matching home-made dresses like we did Easter of 1980 something. 

In the meantime, I’m gonna run some re-runs on Thursday and Friday.  Stop  yellin’.  I’ll be back with something original on Monday.  M’kay?

Later gators.  I’m hittin’ the road. 

Love ya.  Mean it.


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6 responses to “Four Friends.

  1. Excited for the four of you!!! Praying for ya’ll to have the blast of a lifetime, to visit down memory lane many times in the future, that will keep those smiles coming in the least expected time!! You all deserve it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Susan

    I will forgive you for dismissing the blogs..don’t want no stinkin’ reruns~however, it may be a sin to avoid twitting pix of the it? Eat some bacon for me….it has perpetually enhanced the flavor of foods.

  3. Mom

    okay, yes I’m excited about our very 1st trip with the four girls, but want to suggest that I DON’T to all the driving…. 🙂 I am bringing my pillow and gonna RELAX….but I will however eat my weight (almost) in bacon..I love bacon when I go out of town…lol…..Dusty, I will make sure you don’t hungry either my dear…:) See you girls in a few hours…

  4. You gooo girl!! Stand your ground, or sit, lay down your ground! haha, rest, rest, rest!! This is redemption time for all of you, right?? ha! Have so much fun for sure!!

  5. Brenda

    Have a Blast! You all deserve it!

  6. angie

    I love it…i hope that this is a start of something good. and with bacon being a common denominator …it’s gotta be.

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