Lessons In Horse Riding and Other Things.

Anna began horse camp on Monday.  Here she is getting ready for her first day.

Anna - horse camp wp

She’s enjoyed her week so far.  So has John Henry.  When we dropped Anna off yesterday morning, he said, “Got rid of her.”  Of course, two hours later, he was asking me how much longer until we picked her up.  But, we did enjoy the quiet and reprieve from inquisitions while it lasted. 

I asked Anna how she liked riding horses.  “I didn’t fall off,” she said.  I guess that’s good.  She also looked at me and quoted a line from “Little House On the Prairie.”  “Country girls,” she said.  This is how Nellie Olsen describes Laura and Mary Ingalls in one of the first episodes.  I think she has taken a liking to life as a country girl.  Or, she just loves the Ingalls girls.  Or she loves Nellie Olsen. 

Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

In other news, John Henry finally lost his first tooth.  It was a celebration.  Anna told us all she was “so proud of John Henry.”  Her supportive sentiments quickly turned bitter when she learned he got money for his loss.  “That’s not fair.” 

Oh, the lessons in rejoicing with those who rejoice.  It can be a difficult lesson for any of us when we look at our difficult situation versus another’s seemingly better situation.  But.  BUT, when we look at our situation in view of God’s mercy, then rejoicing is not only easier….but, we can’t help but do anything else.


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2 responses to “Lessons In Horse Riding and Other Things.

  1. Susan

    Now you know you really weren’t enjoying life sans children..aren’t they the greatest gifts? I miss mine being that young but we still have a blast every single day and every single night, I relish in their, “I love you, Mommy! or I am so lucky to have the best Mom! or We had fun and I am going to bed; I am exhausted.” REJOICING! I’m truly chiming in on this blog!

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