Sometimes, I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.

As you may or may not know.  I Twitter.  I love The Twitter.  Every once in a while, I read a tweet (that’s Twitter talk for a status update) that captures my attention.  Yesterday, Michael Thurston (a.k.a. Mike T – youth pastor extraordinaire of EWC) said, “feels like God is watching me. In a good way.”  If you know Mike T, you can appreciate his tweetfulness.  Yes, yes.  Feel free to use that that one.  Tweetfulness.  What I appreciate about Mike is that he sees God.  In the big things.  In the small things. 

In all things.

So, I totally got his tweet. 

Do you get it?

Are you seeing God in your life?


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2 responses to “Sometimes, I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.

  1. Susan

    He sends signs….am I smart enough to get it first time? Respectfully, not always! But do I eventually get it? Yep..Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s watching me~and it’s gonna get to you! Need some Anna con riding habit on TOP OF THE HORSE..

  2. marla

    he’s such a tweety!!! That’s for sure!

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