It’s Easier To Bridle A Horse.

Here are a few more pics of Anna’s horse camp adventure:

Anna - Horse Camp 1

Anna - Horse Camp 2

Anna - Horse Camp 3

Anna - Horse Camp 4

Anna - Horse Camp 5

When I first saw Anna on this big horse by her little self, I was slightly fearful.  After all, how could someone so small control such a large animal?  It reminded me of how James tells us it’s easier to bridle a horse than bridle our tongue.  Hmmm. 

James 3 says, “We can make a large horse go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth…..People can tame all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and fish, but no one can tame the tongue.” 

But, with God’s help, we can bridle it just as we bridle a horse.  And, if we are able to do that, imagine how many more blessings we will speak.  How much more life we will impart.  Every time we open our mouths, we allow others to look into our heart.  I hope my words are makin’ my heart look good.  But, I know that sometimes, I probably make it look pur-tee yucky. 

So, today I’m praying:

Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.  Psalm 141:3


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4 responses to “It’s Easier To Bridle A Horse.

  1. Susan

    I think little Miss Fashionista attributes to your choice of words on many blogs….we must have humor in our lives and Anna brings it on….and btw, your words me!

  2. Destiny

    Nice job! You do well here ~as did your mom, the guest blogger.

  3. Lord help us all with this one….that is a big horse 🙂

  4. Loved the pictures Dusty, of Anna on the horse!! Pictures of history behind it, will bless her later on in her adult life! Blessings in life are plentiful.

    This was needed in my own life. “Every time we open our mouths, we allow others to look into our heart. I hope my words are makin’ my heart look good.” Thank you so much for the leading, reminding you do so well! Much love!

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