Thankyousokindly, John Henry.

JH - self photog

Photograph taken by.  Yep.  John Henry.

I don’t allow my children to say “Shut up.”  Naturally.  However, I say “Shut up” when I’m surprised.  You know, like when someone says, “I just won a $10 million lottery,” and I respond “Shut. Up!”  Yeah, that “Shut up.” 

So, John Henry overheard a conversation much like the one above a couple of days ago….except, no one won a lottery else he would have chartered a jet plane to Bahamas and taken me.  I’m sure of it. 

The conversation concluded:

Me:  “Shut. Up!”

John Henry:  “Mom, careful with your words.”


A reminder that:

1) I need to model for my children what I’m trying to teach them.


2) I need to always be careful with my words.


Our words shape our world.


They really do.


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2 responses to “Thankyousokindly, John Henry.

  1. Great reminder blog with words! I think of sometimes when others day, “I was scared to death” or “I love you to death”, “I was brain dead”, “I was trying to get a cold”, or one I used to say, heard growing up, “you are a pain in the neck”! haha, well, I used to say that too, and I got a pain in my neck, for real! I try to be conscious of my words, but i pray God helps me be even more conscious in the days ahead! And what your Dad said last night, about being intent about God, the word of God, instead of movies! That was really a great reminder too last night! Spoke to me! I have been trying, but am really conscious more lately.

  2. Brenda

    I am just glad that JH took a picture! Maybe if he gets his own phone with a camera in it, he will take more pictures of himself.hint hint! and yes I am trying to speak only positive things and life instead of death these days since the power of life and death are in the tongue!

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