No Animals Were Hurt In This Blog.

Meet Jake and Michel.

Michel Jake wp

I’m including Jake’s pic, because he, too, had a casualty in this story.

My friend, Michel, has no shame.  As a matter of fact, when I asked her permission to post her story, and *gasp* these pics, she responded:

“You know I have no shame.  And will do anything for my 15 seconds.  Kinda pathetic.  And, yet, e’ry time I pass a mirror I laugh.”

Well, every time I viewed these pics yesterday, I laughed.  Hard.

When Michel’s husband, Jake, fell asleep last night, she thought it a good idea to cut up one of his t-shirts.  Into strips.

Then, tie them in her hair.

Michel - before wp

Not quite sure what she was expecting.  And, I doubt what she got was the result she was looking for.

At least, I hope not.

The next morning, she removed Jake’s shredded t-shirt from her hair.

And, this, THIS is what she saw.

Michel - after wp




I know she makes her momma proud.

Thanks for the laugh, Michel.  You’re a good sport with terrible hair.

Have a good weekend, and please, have your pets spayed or neutered.


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12 responses to “No Animals Were Hurt In This Blog.

  1. Kate

    OMG!!!!! That’s too funny!!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Bonnie

    what a FUN girl!!!

  3. Dusty Takle

    Yes, she is a FUN girl! Gotta love her!

  4. Jenny D

    Looks like her mama in the 80’s!
    Laughing. hard.

  5. Peggy

    LOL! At least her decision can be washed-right-out. Just a little shampoo and back to normal. Thankfully she was just “playing”.
    Do you know how many of us have experienced “permanents” that have to grow-out and your stuck until then!
    Smart Girl!

  6. She doessss look like Shari in that picture from the first days lolololol….a funny girl

  7. Julie

    She may look like Shari in the 80’s, but she definitely looks JUST like Bo with a wig on in 2009!

  8. Gayla

    Now that is funny…

  9. Made me laugh out loud !!!

  10. Brenda

    Yes, Shari in the 80’s but would love to see the Bo picture in the wig in the 90’s to compare!

  11. renice

    OMG!!! She looks so much like Bo when he wore all the different wigs for his EWC Idol performance.

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