Tooth Mishaps & Other Stuff.

Made it back to Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, or something like that.  The wind, it sweeps alright.  John Henry decided to lose pull his tooth just as we were boarding our flight home.  “I’m just trying to make money,” he explained.  Tooth Fairy was so completely exhausted by night time, she almost failed to pay up.  John Henry is so resolute about making money on his teeth, we fear he won’t have any teeth left very soon.  Perhaps, it makes sense to go ahead and introduce him to the workforce.  You know, to save him from pulling his permanent teeth, too.

Of course, I am not one to pass judgment on timely tooth matters.  I noticed on my flight home that my front tooth felt a bit odd.  And sharp in an area.  What?  I chipped my tooth?  How?  I had no idea how in the world I could have done this.  It’s not like I bite into foods with my front teeth.  It wasn’t until I was lying in bed that I remembered.

In an effort to reset my watch back to the central time zone, I used my front teeth to loosen up the little winder thingy.  Blast.  What was I thinking?  I’d make money from the Tooth Fairy?  Grrrr.

I have no dentist in Oklahoma.  So, I sent out a message on Twitter and Facebook asking for suggestions on a local dentist.  And, boy do people love their dentist!  How to choose between 50 of THE BEST dentists in the state? 

When we finally got home, it was pretty clear that there was nothing we were going to be eating in the Takle house, unless potatoes that turned into a massive tree branch sounded appetizing.  This disgusting adventure motivated me to clean out both refrigerator and pantry.  How, oh how, we do keep salad dressings from 2005?  I, embarrassingly, threw away 4 trash bags full of food.  Not the wisest of things to do for a woman still enduring her first trimester. 


I dismantled our entire refrigerator, scrubbing every nook and cranny.  Today, I am proud to say it is beautiful, friends.  Just beautiful.  Nothing feels quite as therapeutic as opening up your refrigerator door knowing you can eat ANYTHING inside. 

Anna decided to change clothes, again, before we trekked to the grocery store to restock our kitchen.  This is what she changed into to:

Anna - outfit wp

Nothing says you’re ready to take on Oklahoma’s sweltering temps like jeans and a sweater.  And, NOTHING says fashion like ripped floral jeans and dress shoes. 


She insisted on keeping her size sticker on her shirt.

Anna - size sticker wp

This way, it would “stay new.”

Makes perfect sense.  No chance you’ll see me sporting my size sticker.  Just sayin’.

It’s good to be home.  But, I do miss those Georgia Peaches.


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4 responses to “Tooth Mishaps & Other Stuff.

  1. Loved all of it! Laughed, laughed & laughed again! How you write is just amAzing! lol, loved the picture of Anna, I know it is hard for you, but as you share, it makes our day! Glad about the clean stocked refridgerator. I hope you get your tooth fixed pain free, physically & financially! Love you girl! Your a blessing any shape or form! lol

    • Julie

      You’re gonna wish you were making money off the tooth fairy instead of paying a fortune! I’ve had a root canal and 2 crowns in the last 2 weeks and the bill is crazy! (We have insurance that pays 50% too) – YUCK!

  2. Brenda

    Alex made money by pulling his teeth and then when he got 3 permanant teeth knocked out with the golfclub, we gave him $20 because he was such a good little trooper during the ordeal…What a mistake! LOL! I thought you were going to say you broke your tooth on the 6- half peanuts the airlines gave you on your flight home. Love Anna’s attire! She looks like the 6o’s revamped! LOL! Gotta love that girl!


    absolutely funny, of course my little one taught the tooth fairy not to forget. . . tried to profit $59. Your Anna reminds me of my McKenzie. McKenzie is who we call Pippie Long Stockings. For some reason she doesn’t care if it doesn’t go together.

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