No Boys Allowed.

It’s been about a year since we discovered this on Anna’s bedroom wall.

Anna - wall wp

Kris decided that we should let her keep this sketch of her name.  But, not before a long discussion on why she was to never do it again.

Fast forward to yesterday evening.  In walks Anna into the family room.

“Mom, I need you to wet a towel for me.”

“Why?” I queried.

“Because, I did something I’m not supposed to do.”

I walked into her room, and this is what I saw on her door entrance:

Anna - door wp

With permanent marker.

If I know Kris, he’ll allow her to keep this work of art, too.  Because, after all, boys are NOT allowed in her room. 



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16 responses to “No Boys Allowed.

  1. funny….to me lol…not sure the comet will work on a stained door :(…mine art work was on a white painted surface, plastic, etc…tell her Daddy is a boy

  2. Jaime Fausnaugh

    I will bring home some “dirty word remover” from work and let you try that. It usually gets rid of anything!

  3. Falon

    hahahah i think she should get to keep it too!!! Keep those stinkin’ boys out!

  4. marla

    haha love it!! rubbing alcohol may take it off…not sure on a wooden door. It’s cute! Maybe you should get her some sketch paper and canvas board.
    Tyler once carved markings on his wooden bed with a fork so that he could keep up with (and cross out) how many days he had left being grounded. It was like he was in jail!
    Can’t remove carvings!
    Those precious children!! 😉

  5. Julie Beasley

    Coming from a kindergarten teacher, I am SUPER impressed with her spelling and handwriting!

  6. EVER!

    Can she come do Riley’s door?

  7. Peggy

    I have to agree for her age, she’s very talented. LOL! You’re gonna have to skip pre-K or K maybe! A couple of years ago Laurel and Dan bought Avery a brand new bed room set, ’cause his baby brother was coming and they needed to share. He carved his name in the top rung of the ladder the FIRST day it was in his room. Carving is permanent. Recently while trading Jackson’s crib for his twin bed, she discovered yet more carvings on the desk portion. He admitted readily he was wrong but did it one day when he was angry. 😦
    That’s what little kids do!

  8. Brenda

    I ordered Morgan a sign to go on her door that said, “Morgan’s Room….No Boys Allowed!” Get her a sign. It will cover up the door art!

  9. Kate

    OMG!!! LOL!!!!! I love it!

    • marla

      oh! I was just at walmart and saw these easy stick-on white dry erase squares. It’s just a large square sticker that easily peels off the wall and you can write on it with dry erase markers.
      It was over near the wall-paper borders.
      If she can stay in the square…she could write on the wall! Just thought of her when I saw it. 🙂

  10. I relate to Anna, sometimes I don’t want any boys in my room. ha ha! Love the blog! You know it!

  11. Sharon

    I love it! That child is too funny. Course she didnt write on my door. But ya gotta love her!

  12. Benita Jones

    She was just sayin……….

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