Meet Gobacho.

Since we don’t always have a conventional schedule, our family nights can land on any given day.  Like a Monday night.  Last night, the boys picked Star Wars to be the focus of snuggle time and brownies.  That’s when Anna informed us “Gobacho” is her favorite.

Friends, meet Gobacho:

Chewbacca wp

Oh, that girl makes my heart merry.  Not a single day can pass without her making me laugh.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine.  Proverbs 17:22

Who makes you laugh?


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10 responses to “Meet Gobacho.

  1. You make me laugh….lololololol

  2. My Grandchildren, Susan Woodward, & Ms Callie Mae Goss make me laugh, of course You always bring me a chuckle most days!!! The blog was great!

  3. Mom

    Dusty, you are always good for a laugh….but every single time I just think about Anna Banana, I smile. Love my 2 baby girls!

  4. Jenny D

    YOU make me laugh! SLO makes me laugh until i can barely breathe…and Mike…good lord. And there is always a laugh or two (or three) with Jburen & BG!!! And…for many, many years…I have laughed at everything David Gamble has ever said. I am laughing just thinking about it……

  5. Well he looks like a Gabacho… I laughed so hard. Gabacho… You should name your next child Gabacho. If you don’t, I am. Love ya.

  6. Brenda

    You make me laugh! Alex always makes me laugh and your kids and our dogs!

  7. Gayla

    I agree with Jen…David Gamble is hilarious!!!

  8. Once, when Pip was about 5, she was introduced to Star Wars. well, she peered out into the garage for some reason…it was dark…I told her Chewbacca was out there. Poor thing. THat was mean.

    Later she didn’t want to go potty because she was afraid Chewbacca was in the toilet.

    yeah, i’m a cool mom

  9. Ana

    This made me laugh out loud for a long time. If ever I am feeling “ehhh” I read your blog.

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