She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle.

Had I typed a single word last night, it would have simply been “nauseated.”  Just as I was beginning to get over this ugly, ugly word, it resurfaced like that bitter, old aunt who won’t go back home fast enough.  I attempt to remind myself that of the miracle growing inside of me.  But, instead, I glare at my husband, because this is clearly his fault. 

I wake up this morning, and eat a piece of toast with raspberry preserves and drink a little caffeine free coke.  I feel better.  For now.  So, perhaps, now I can write something that won’t sound so, well, bitter?  Yes.

Here is our latest issue in parenting.  It concerns our funny and determined four year old.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so.  Anna has a reason for everything.  EVERYTHING.  You can also ask her to do something, and she has her very own way of getting to the task.  For example, Kris asked her to go put her shoes on.  She first puts on her skate, because she plans to skate to her room to where her shoes are. 

I got this.

Kris didn’t.

She had a talkin’ to.

I privately explained to Kris that her intent was to skate to her room, then she’d obey his instruction.  Kris explained to me that she should obey right away without excuse or delay.

I tend to agree.  But, it sure is hard, because really?  She has some pretty valid explanations.  I mean, wouldn’t you rather skate to your room than walk like normal people?  So, Kris, er, we, have been cracking down on her delayed obedience.  He’s right in doing so.  I just get her. 

Perhaps, I see myself in her little four-year old body? 

But still.  Delayed obedience really isn’t obedience is it?  Parenting is tough.  Especially when those funny girls are just so dang cute.

You can relate, yes?


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9 responses to “She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle.

  1. bobjo



  2. It is obedience…just the kind where you keep control of when and how you obey…but it gets done, right?….when o when did I stop skating to my room????..I GET HER TOO 😉

  3. Bonnie

    You see yourself in her? You think?

  4. Layna

    Heck yeah. Check out my status last night. Maddy frustrated the heck out of me for failing to “obey” in the given time frame…you’re right. It’s not really obedience if they don’t do it right away. But I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I watched her multi-tasking to get it all done quicker (that’s me, to a “T”!)…on the toilet, going potty, while brushing her teeth, as I pray out loud. 🙂

  5. Wendy

    I totally understand how you get her and he wonders why she does it her way. I think it’s because we are home with them all the time and know how they work.

    Now, if I can get my 7yr old to stop arguing with every single thing I say, I will be doing good! It doesn’t matter if I say it is blue, she says black so to speak. She does what I say, but not without discussion or doing it her way. Maybe it’s a girl thing?

  6. She said “yes ma’am” two times at my house today.

    I don’t see what the problem is with her.

  7. If they are cute, I usually let them do whatever they want.

  8. I truly think that Isaac’s intent is to obey, but his mind runs to all the fun ways to get there and it takes FOREVER. He has done the roller blades from the living room to his room to go get ready for bed. (The living room is literally next to his room) I can see the part that doesn’t want to break their fun amazing spirit, but also the part that wants them to obey immediately, not in their roundabout timing. Funny stuff!

  9. peyton

    Just catching up on your blog and had to comment on this one!! LOVE IT. Such a typical struggle with all parents. I had the joy of having a 1, 2 & 3 year old at the same time. Our house was crazy and full of delayed obedience!! One of my favorites was one time when I was attempting to get everyone out of the house semi-on-time. I had small carpet squares in the foyer called their “to go spots”. This meant when I had dressed them, washed their face, etc. they were to sit on their to go spot and be ready for the miracle of when they all three were ready to go. Great idea, huh? My middle child, Drew, that day was keeping the dragons and monsters at bay so they would not invade out house!! I kept telling him to get on his “to go spot”and wait. He kept explaining to me that he was fighting the monsters and dragons. After several times of this, I was frustrated and annoyed. I said to Drew “sit down, there are no monsters and dragons in this house”. He looked at me with those big brown, puppy dog eyes and said “thats cause I killed ’em all for you mommy”. He then sat down on his “to go spot” and waited!!
    How do you discipline that!!!
    Sometimes you just gotta laugh and let them skate to their room!!!

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