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My Girl Is Ten.



Had God asked me what I wanted my daughter to be like, I could have never imagined the wonder of you. I could have never dreamed of a daughter who makes me laugh more than you and enjoy life more than you. I could have never imagined a better daughter. A better friend.

I could have never written this story of my life with you.

Anna Takle, you are just always so much more. More of everything that is good. Everyone always hears and reads the hilarious and witty things you say. Trust me, there are many. But, there are stories they don’t hear. Like you coming home from school broken-hearted over a classmate with whom no one really engages. His self-esteem is low. So, you decide to sit right across from him at lunch one day. You tell him he isn’t who people say he is, but he is who God says he is. You don’t care what other people think about it. You don’t care what other people think about you. Instead, you walk confidently in who God created you to be.

“You could change the course of this kid’s life, because of your encouragement,” I tell you.

Tears fell down your face. They fell down mine. You became aware of what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I love the way you ask questions and then truly listen to the answers. You always seek understanding. You are a lover of wisdom.

I love the way you look up to John Henry. I love how even though there are times you come to me with how he disappointed you, you run to his defense so much more.

I love the way you care for Jett. I love how you worry about him in school. I love how you are so proud of him when he learns something new. Especially, when you feared he might “grow up, get his GED, and stay in his PJs all day.”

I love how you know exactly what you like and what you don’t. And, you’re not afraid to tell me that my shirt is “screaming ‘look at me!'” Or how I “might want to reconsider those pants.”

I love how you strive for excellence in everything you do.

I love listening to you play piano. I love how determined you are to play a piece well….no matter how difficult it is. I love how you appreciate music from Beethoven to Jerry Lee Lewis.

I love how you hop on my bed, because you just want to be with me. I love being with you, too. I love how dad came in the room one night, and said, “Someone needs to get out of my bed,” and you quickly responded, “Mom, you heard the man.”

You make me laugh every single day. You make me proud every single day.

I am so thankful I get to spend my days with you. I am so thankful God gave me such an amazing daughter. I know we talk about you staying with me forever. And, I know it’s hard to believe right now, but a day will come and you’ll be ready to head out and take on the world. I call it the day I’ll spend eating boxes upon upon boxes of Junior Mints in my bed while crying.

I’m seriously thankful that day isn’t today.

And, I am so thankful I didn’t write this story of my life with you. Only God could write something so beautiful and fun.

I love you, Anna Takle. Happy 10th Birthday.






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Sweet November.

And, you are still the perfect shoulder to fall on.

Happy Birthday to my keep you laughing all the live long day husband and daughter.

Life without you two wouldn’t be nearly the fun.

I love you both.


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Laugh Out Loud.

I laugh a lot.  I laugh out loud a lot.  And, I laugh loudly. 

It’s true.  You can ask anyone who knows me well.  I really can’t help it.  I’ve asked Kris if my loud laugh embarrasses him.  He kindly tells me it’s one of the things he loves about me. 

That’s a good thing.  Because, he makes me laugh every day we are together. 

We can even laugh about things that most married couples wouldn’t laugh about.  Like his past relationships….and sometimes, even my divorce. 

I’ll tease about things I lost in the divorce.  Like a CD or some other random item.  “Yep,” I’ll say, “Lost that in the divorce.” 

Last night, he made me laugh again.

Me: (folding laundry) “Ya know, I used to iron Bryan’s golf shirts, even some of his t-shirts.”

Kris:  “Did you lose that in the divorce?”

We should really take our act on the road.  Like Sonny and Cher. 

Or, I guess, not.

Life is much too short to not truly enjoy even the smallest of moments.  To laugh out loud. To laugh at oneself.   It can be easy to let the stresses of daily life overtake these moments.

Don’t let them.  Scripture tells us that a merry heart does us good like medicine. (Proverbs 17:22) What does medicine do?  It comforts.  It heals.  It prevents our hurts from getting worse. 

Don’t let worry, fear, stress, or anger plague your life.  Let your heart be merry.  We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we react to them.  If we choose to laugh, we’ll find life much more enjoyable (and more enjoyable to be around.) 

We can also find in Proverbs 15:13 that “a happy heart makes the face cheerful.”  And, that is something you’ll never find in those expensive facial creams.  So, laugh more.  And, save yourself some money with Oil of Olay.  My momma swears by that stuff….and by the laughs my dad has consistently provided her the past thirty-seven years.


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A Fish Story.

Few people make me laugh until I cry.  My dad is one of those people.  It might be intentional like the time he replaced my toilet paper holder with a trick one.  When I rolled, a recorded, “scary” message from my dad played.  That was pretty funny.  Frightening, but funny.  Or, it might be unintentional.  Regardless, whenever I’m around him, I’m just sure to laugh. 

This most recent family vacation was no different.  Many laughs were had.  But his attempt at booking a fishing boat nearly sent me into early labor.  Not really.  But, dang, it was fuh-nee. 

Driving around the gulf coast, Dad pulled into a bay area where many boats sit waiting for someone to rent them.  A few men were standing in front of one boat.  Dad thought it a good idea to call on that particular one.  He called and inquired.  While speaking with the boat captain, he noticed a gentleman in front of the boat talking on the phone, too.  Dad continued to collect information when he said to the boat captain:

“I think I’m lookin’ atcha right now.”

A moment of silence ensued.

Then, I heard Dad simply respond, “No?  No.”

“Err, this boat is not available on that day,” the Captain told Dad.

Nor was it going to be available any other day seeing as how this Captain, who was probably resting soundly in his bed up to the point that he thinks some freak is spying in on him, more than likely felt…uneasy?

I laughed until I cried.  I especially laughed when Dad hung up his phone only to find the gentleman in front of him was still talking on his. 

He’s a funny man.  A funny man who loves the scriptures more than any other person I know.  A funny man who is more excited about Christ today than he was thirty-three years ago when he first entered ministry.  A funny man who is real.  Who never speaks ill of anyone.  And loves those who don’t even return that love.

I may never be as funny as him.  But, I sure hope I pursue Christ and love people like him.

Oh, and he did get himself another fishing boat.  He just had someone else call. 🙂

Dad - fishing PCB


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Meet Gobacho.

Since we don’t always have a conventional schedule, our family nights can land on any given day.  Like a Monday night.  Last night, the boys picked Star Wars to be the focus of snuggle time and brownies.  That’s when Anna informed us “Gobacho” is her favorite.

Friends, meet Gobacho:

Chewbacca wp

Oh, that girl makes my heart merry.  Not a single day can pass without her making me laugh.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine.  Proverbs 17:22

Who makes you laugh?


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Maude And Ethel.

This weekend, I enjoyed a movie with a really fun date – my Mom.  She’s even more fun because she buys my ticket.  She would’ve even bought my Junior Mints, but I didn’t really want to indulge.  Swear.  I snuck in my own water, too, because I’m a rebel.  I know, the streets, they fear me.

Movie?  The Proposal

Laughs?  Many.

But, what accounted for most of the hilarity were the two elderly women who sat beside me.  When (let’s call them Maude and Ethel) first entered the theater, I saw them in search for two free seats.  Mom and I had commandeered the best seats in the house.  My purse was resting on the seat to my left leaving only one free seat.  And, we all know the unspoken rule that there is always a seat between you and a stranger. 

I began to feel a little compassion for Maude and Ethel, so I broke the unspoken rule and removed my purse. 

“You can both sit here,” I told them, feeling pretty good about my overt sweetness.  Okay, perhaps “overt sweetness” is a stretch.  But, I did break the skip a seat rule.  And, that’s somethin’.

Right before the movie began I heard Maude and Ethel just a gibberin’ back and forth.  A gibber here.  A snicker there.  And, they weren’t ashamed of their vocal volume.  I leaned over to Mom, and told her, “Ya know, you try to do a good deed, then BAM – Maude and Ethel just won’t pipe down. 

And, they didn’t for the entire movie.

It was like going to a movie with my late Great Aunt Mabel.  Great Aunt Mabel was loud and followed up every statement with “I ain’t got no reason to lie,” which made me think she was really always lying.

But, this isn’t about Great Aunt Mabel.  No.  This story is about Maude and Ethel.

So, Maude and Ethel commented, sighed, and even groaned the entire movie.  The groaning was even more evident when Ryan Reynolds’ bare skin covered the screen.  And, when Sandra Bullock stood up in her Christian Louboutins without grabbing hold to something for balance, Maude shouted, “Ooohhh, I could never do that.”

In the end, I heard Ethel say, “Oh my gosh, I’m cryin!”

And, I was crying, too.  From laughing so terribly hard.  ‘Cause between Betty White and Maude and Ethel, you’ll have your mascara running in no time.  Thank goodness Maude brought her handkerchief.

So, yes.  I say go see the movie.  And, if you can take Maude and Ethel with you, it’ll make it all the more entertaining.


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