The Loudest Shoes Ever Created. Ever.

For those who don’t follow me on the Twitter, I thought you’d appreciate a picture of Anna’s wardrobe choice yesterday.

Anna - fashion wp

She thought a swimsuit cover-up accented with fluffy, pink heels would really make a statement while running errands with Mom and brother.  I stood my ground.  She changed into something a bit more presentable.  With the fluffy, pink heels, of course.  And, by the way, the basket of laundry is still strategically positioned right where you see it.  Strategic in that I can say, “These clothes are clean, kids.  Pick out something to wear.” 

I’m gettin’ to it.  Mkay?  The important lesson here is to next time allow the cover-up and ban the shoes. 

That I heard clippity clapping down every store aisle.

Her amusement knows no boundaries.  She later requested that I close my eyes while driving, so she could tell me where to go.  I didn’t, Dad.  We made it safely home with my eyes mostly open.  I’m a recoverin’ still, ya know.

I had to stay awake long enough to go to Parent Orientation at the kids’ school.  I was beyond thrilled to see that John Henry’s Kindergarten teacher moved up to first grade, and he will have her again.  And, I was reluctant in disclosing some of Anna’s more adventurous traits to her pre-school teacher.  I felt ignorance was truly bliss in that matter.   Don’t you agree?

Let’s just hope she’s never read this blog.


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4 responses to “The Loudest Shoes Ever Created. Ever.

  1. I love the shoes…while Bonnie didn’t play with dolls, I have loads of sweet memories of her sweeping the kitchen with her little broom while sporting the lastest in plastic heels and jewelery fashion…yeah, the shoes made lots of noise…I miss that sound 😦

  2. marla

    Heyyyyy…I like your “clean clothes basket”! I have a “clean clothes sofa” in my bedroom…hate it! haha

  3. Great funny blog!! lol, love how you capture the moments and amuse us!! heh heh! Your trials are our joys but I pray the wisdom comes, peace for each day!!

  4. This post made me realize that Riley doesn’t wear those kinds of shoes anymore. I don’t even know when it happened, but it stopped. Someone stop the time please!

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