Meet Sarah Markley.

Sarah Markley and I have never in “the real life.”  Cindy Beall introduced me to her blog, and then we became friends on Twitter.  Her writings always astound me.  Her ability to paint a picture with words makes me appreciate her.

And, I’ve never even met her.  Not in the real life. 

But she is a very real person.  With a very real story.  She is sharing it this week with honesty that I admire.  And, a heart that I love. 

It’s a five-part story, and I’m posting links to each below.  If you’ve ever felt that redemption was impossible, or God’s grace wasn’t enough, this will encourage you.

My New Name:  Part One

My New Name:  Part Two

My New Name:  Part Three

My New Name:  Part Four

My New Name:  Part Five

In Him we have redemption through His blood…  Colossians 1:14


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2 responses to “Meet Sarah Markley.

  1. Kevin

    Dr. God doing what He does best!

  2. Thanks for sharing her with us Dusty! God’s grace, healing, and forgiveness is amazing!

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