That’s Not What I Signed Up For.

Kris - Dusty

That is not a statement you’ll hear me make regarding my marriage.  You won’t hear me say, “I didn’t sign up for my husband to be gone 5 days a month or 20 days a month.”  “I didn’t sign up for my husband to play golf every week.”  “I didn’t sign up to live hundreds of miles from my family.”

I have heard friends tell me they “didn’t sign up” for whatever changes have occurred in their lives.  Whether it’s a spouse’s new job or simply a new routine. 

I signed up to be married Kris Takle.  Not what he does or doesn’t do.

I signed up for him.  Period.

In the meantime, life happens.  Change is usually inevitable.  Tomorrow may look different from today.  We, as partners in love and marriage, have to adjust.

Because, we are a team.

He needs my support just like I need his. 

Loving Kris Takle.  That’s what I signed up for.

My lover is mine, and I am his.  Song of Solomon 2:16


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10 responses to “That’s Not What I Signed Up For.

  1. kristen fountain

    truth! good one, dusty 🙂 that’s a great attitude.

  2. Great picture!! How wonderful it is to have a sense of belonging.

  3. Julie

    That’s what I’ve always said. You don’t know how committed you are to the vows you took until you actually start experiencing the “Poorer,” the “sickness,” etc.

  4. Kris Takle

    Thank you and I love you so much. God does answer prayers and mine was back in 1987 when I first met you 🙂

    I love you


  5. Papa Joe

    Dusty, you continue to amaze me. Where did you get all this wisdom? Aha! I know, because I know your daddy and mama!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Angela Attardo

    Dusty, how true was this blog, so many times people opt to take the out versus staying and working thru the things they did sign up for! I love your blogs and look forward to reading them.

  7. Sharon

    Awww Kris! That is just sweet!

  8. Good’un.

    And you’s hot in that there pic.

    HA – OUGHT.

  9. =) I love reading your blog!

  10. Susan Burks

    This is such a profound statement. As a military wife, you wouldn’t believe how many times I have heard that. “I didn’t sign up for this…” and “this” means deployment, long hours, TDYs, trips to here and there, living thousands and thousands of miles from home, no contact with your husband while he’s out in the desert/flying overseas/in the combat zone, etc. What a great reminder for me and all other military wives. Thanks. 🙂

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