Time To Lock Up The Scissors Again.

Wow.  God is really birthing more in me than just a baby right now.  Just as this tot is growing by the day, I really feel that God is working some really cool things inside me.  Oh how I wish I could disclose all that incredible stuff right now, but, quite frankly, I haven’t the energy.  Not today.  Yes, it takes more energy to share from the deepest parts of me than it does to show you pictures like this.

Barbie horse

Anna loves to role play with her Barbies and their horses.  Of course, it IS her game, and she tells me exactly what my Barbie character should say when I play with her.  Her storyline began to concern me when she suggested that the Barbies pretend their parents were dead.

“Uh, Anna, I don’t like that story.  We’re not playing that,” I told her.

“Well, then.  Their parents are invisible,” she compromised.

I wasn’t certain where this thought pattern was coming from, but I ceded and let her live in Annaville.

We continued to play when I noticed she had gotten creative with the scissors again.  Notice the horse’s mane.  Or lack of mane.

Then, I saw noticed where she had cut one of the Barbie’s bangs.  This just settled the age old question within me of “should I cut bangs or not?” 

Um, not.

To be honest, I don’t LOVE playing Barbies.  Especially, when my Barbie never says the “right things.”  My four year old reminds me it is her game, and subsequently tells me everysingleword to say. 

But, I play anyway. 

I’m hoping that if I play with her now, she’ll come to me later. 

I have to deposit, deposit, deposit into my children.  I’m sure to make a withdrawal down the road and have to say “I was wrong.”  So, I need to invest as much as I can.

So, I become a safe place for her.

To come to me for anything.

And, with anything.

Know what I mean?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go talk to my invisible parents.


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5 responses to “Time To Lock Up The Scissors Again.

  1. Wendy

    Well, I am just here to tell you, Kelci is 7 yrs old and still tells me what to say if I am playing with her and I notice she and all her friends do that to each other too! I try to tell her to let everyone say what they want! I think it is a girl thing! Not sure when it stops!

    But, on the scissors part, she has never cut any of her dolls or her own hair…yet, probably because I always kept the scissors hid because of all the stories I hear from everyone else about their kid cutting their own hair. She did for the first time ask me a couple of weeks ago if she could cut Fancy Nancy’s hair and I told her no. So, at least she did ask. I do have a feeling that one day, she will probably do it anyway since I don’t hide her scissors anymore.

  2. Brenda

    Well, Daddy Bryan cut his bangs or maybe it was Ryan but either way, Bryan was the one with the bad haircut. So as his big sister, I decided to “help” him and by the time that I got the big chunk of bangs evened up, he looked like I had put a bowl on his head and his bangs were about 1/2 inch long. Alex did the same thing to his bangs but I had learned from my experience with Bryan that I would leave him to the experts. Thank God I caught him just in time. He was about to “work” on Morgan’s when I found them behind the couch! Good news though is that I cut all my dolls hair off when I was Anna’s age BUT didn’t work on my own hair! LOL!

  3. Great blog, great investment, revelation you got there girl!! Wisdom! Loved what you shared! Wish I had known what you know when my girls were growing up, but I know more with my Grandchildren, and nieces, nephews…Thank God!

  4. Gayla

    Santa brought scissors to Sarah Kathryn one year. After we had our Christmas morning festivities, I went back to bed. Instead of Sarah playing with her new toys, she decided that she would “style” her hair. She cut her bangs all the way to the scalp. I cried and cried…why? I’m not sure now…hair does grow back. Small stuff…

  5. When Anna is older she will think back to the time you played with her. You are a great mom=)

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