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What Good Will It Do?

I enjoy running. I might be the “world’s okayist runner” according to Anna, but I do it still. She gave me this nickname when I ran a couple of races with my mom and good friend, David Gamble. They both placed first in their age groups. Not me. I placed second in one race and didn’t even place in the other. “Congratulations, Mom. You’re the World’s Okayist Runner,” she told me. There are weeks I get out there almost every day. There are weeks I get out once or twice. And, there are weeks I don’t get out there at all. Some of those days, I don’t run, because I think if I can’t devote at least 45 minutes to it, it’s not worth it.

This morning, I had exactly 25 minutes to run, so I gave it what I had instead of justifying not doing it. As I was running, I began to think of how many things in life we justify not doing, because what does a little bit matter? What good will it do? It’s kind of like that diet we blow and justify eating the cookie, because, what does it matter now?

Or deeper life stuff….What good is reframing my attitude about this when I’ve allowed myself to spiral into this negative thinking about all of that?

What good is refraining from buying this when I’m already piled up in debt?

What good is doing something special for my spouse, when he or she hasn’t said or done anything special for me in months?

What good is that little bit going to do?

What will that little bit of good change?

Everything. It changes EVERYTHING. I really want to shout this. IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

I cannot tell you the times I have done what seemed to be “a little” or seemed to not be worth my time only to reap huge dividends from it. From moments like in this post where I made a decision to make things right in that moment instead of saying, “I really blew it already. What’s the point?” To moments when I’ve laid next to my husband and reached for his hand when I’ve been frustrated with feelings of “we aren’t taking enough time for each other.” In those moments, I could play the blame game. Or, I can take his hand and make an investment into our marriage instead of making a withdrawal with a feeling that may or may not be a real truth….

And, that’s the kicker: a feeling that may or may NOT be truth. This brings me back, once again, to one of the greatest life changing principles ever: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.

Stop saying your little isn’t worth it. Stop buying into a thought of your spouse not meeting your needs that may not even be true. Stop believing that your twenty minutes of exercise will not reap any benefits or skipping that purchase will make a dent. Stop saying, “when it rains, it pours,” and say and do something that yells, “But, let me show you all the amazing things God HAS done for me!”

Things happen. Life happens. Things will get in the way of a morning run. Life will get in the way of a lot of things that we have little to no control over. But, there are things we DO have control over. How we respond to those things and how we LOOK at those things.

Your little not only does a whole lot of good. Your little can change EVERYTHING. Your little can set a marriage on a course for an unbelievable connection and goodness. Your little can teach your children about forgiveness and mercy. Your little can lead to another little and another little where you live a life free of debt. Your little can turn a seemingly crappy day into a moment of pure gratitude for what isn’t crappy. And, there is SO MUCH of the not crappy.

There is so much good. Do the little. It will give you a lot more of the good.

I may be the world’s okayist runner in races. But, I sure want to win in the race that really counts.

So I run with purpose in every step…. 1 Corinthians 9:26


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Time To Lock Up The Scissors Again.

Wow.  God is really birthing more in me than just a baby right now.  Just as this tot is growing by the day, I really feel that God is working some really cool things inside me.  Oh how I wish I could disclose all that incredible stuff right now, but, quite frankly, I haven’t the energy.  Not today.  Yes, it takes more energy to share from the deepest parts of me than it does to show you pictures like this.

Barbie horse

Anna loves to role play with her Barbies and their horses.  Of course, it IS her game, and she tells me exactly what my Barbie character should say when I play with her.  Her storyline began to concern me when she suggested that the Barbies pretend their parents were dead.

“Uh, Anna, I don’t like that story.  We’re not playing that,” I told her.

“Well, then.  Their parents are invisible,” she compromised.

I wasn’t certain where this thought pattern was coming from, but I ceded and let her live in Annaville.

We continued to play when I noticed she had gotten creative with the scissors again.  Notice the horse’s mane.  Or lack of mane.

Then, I saw noticed where she had cut one of the Barbie’s bangs.  This just settled the age old question within me of “should I cut bangs or not?” 

Um, not.

To be honest, I don’t LOVE playing Barbies.  Especially, when my Barbie never says the “right things.”  My four year old reminds me it is her game, and subsequently tells me everysingleword to say. 

But, I play anyway. 

I’m hoping that if I play with her now, she’ll come to me later. 

I have to deposit, deposit, deposit into my children.  I’m sure to make a withdrawal down the road and have to say “I was wrong.”  So, I need to invest as much as I can.

So, I become a safe place for her.

To come to me for anything.

And, with anything.

Know what I mean?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go talk to my invisible parents.


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