What Does He See?

Every once and awhile, he commandeers my camera.  When I upload my pics, I’m sure to find one like this:

JH - 7yo blog

And this:

JH 7yo blog 2

I don’t dare delete them.  Not even the random pictures of a plant on my end table.  It gives me a peek into what captures his attention.  I’m sure he goes back and observes his photography on my digital camera.  And, I’m sure he sees his self-portraits. 

I wonder what he sees when he sees himself.

Does he notice how beautiful his eyes are?

How his gentle spirit emanates from him every time he smiles?

Does he see God’s grace in his reflection even though he doesn’t know what to call it?

Does he see how he was perfectly and wonderfully made?

Because, that’s what I sure see every time I look at him. 

That’s what I saw seven years ago today when I held him in my arms for the very first time.  He is my sweet reminder of God’s incredible presence in my life in the midst of joy and suffering.  He is my sweet reminder that no matter what season I am forced to endure, God’s grace is always sufficient.

Happy Birthday, John Henry. 

Love, love, love you.


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35 responses to “What Does He See?

  1. Beautiful shots – and I agree, it’s fun to hand the cam over to kids and let them run wild with it. I was wary at first, but then did hand my Nikon D300 to my boyfriend’s niece (12) – she has an eye for photography, I can tell you that much 🙂 Always interesting how they see the world…

  2. Lindsey

    Happy birthday John Henry! We love you and miss you!

  3. Shannon

    All I can say is one day, a certain someone will regret the decisions he made to not be able to spend more time with this precious little boy…but, God is good and He makes all things right doesn’t he?

  4. Jenny D

    Love him! Happy Birthday, JH!

  5. Sharon

    I am so thankful that I was able to be there when John Henry entered this world. To be able to witness that little miracle really did change my world. Tell him that Doug, Shae, Boo Boo and John John said Happy Birthday. I hope it is awesome!

  6. Michelle Riddle

    Happy birthday John Henry!!!

  7. Ron

    Happy Birthday, Johnry!!!


    Dusty if ever I knew of a child of destiny it is JH….I know you know that…God’s hand is on his life in a mighty way…I loveeeeeeeee him and you

  9. Margaret

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, John Henry. Have fun with Nan. Tell her I said to spoil you rotten today.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN HENRY!! What a beautiful child with a beautiful spirit.

  11. Brenda

    I was so blessed to be in the room and play tug of war with you and the sheet to get him here. He and You are truly an inspiration. Happy Birthday, Johnery! Love you Bunches! See ya in a few weeks!

  12. My son did this for a while too. I think he was trying to figure out what other people saw when they looked at him.

  13. I keep all of my son’s pictures too. Its interesting to see what his world looks like from 4 feet off the ground and remember how big the world was when you were a kid.
    I was walking around with a camera when I was his age because my dad always had camera in hand. Now that I do, I wonder if he will pick up the obsession as well when he is older.

  14. Papa Joe

    Dusty, please wish John Henry a Happy Birthday from Mimi and Papa Joe. He is a very special boy!
    I know you all are having a great time with Nan.

  15. Happy Birthday, John Henry! You are wonderfully made by God! Great blog!

  16. You have a way with words, Dusty (Goss) Takle!
    Happy Birthday John Henry!! And many more to come!! Nan is there to celebrate and I know Ga Ga will be in his heart!! Amazing love, how sweet it is!

  17. awnja

    Aw! That post brought tears to my eyes. Well written. And yes he is beautiful.

  18. Those are such cute pictures! It is so much fun to see what type of pictures they take. My 3 year does this all the time and she takes the funniest pictures of her toys or her baby sister. Kids are such blessings!!!

  19. Sketch

    Blessings 🙂
    I like this lots.


  20. Ani

    You’re Catholic?

  21. christiancorner3

    🙂 Beautiful Post. Amen.

  22. learning self awareness through the self portraits

  23. Happy birthday… John Henry
    Wish you always health…
    And and hopefully achieve your dreams..

  24. marinemeter

    Great pictures and a great post! Thank you for that… it is just what I needed to hear about right now.

    God bless you and your little reminder of His love!

  25. Carol

    This is such a touching piece every parent can relate to. My son now 13, still surprises me with his funny antics on pics and even on videos until now. It’s such a therapy from a melancholic & hectic life we live in.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us to take a back seat and appreciate our children more…

    Happy Birtday…

  26. givenchance

    Wonderful! thank you for such a nice and positive post! It can be felt from your post that you really love that kid! and this is great!!! Good luck! His eyes are very nice! And i think he knows it!

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