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Sweet November.

And, you are still the perfect shoulder to fall on.

Happy Birthday to my keep you laughing all the live long day husband and daughter.

Life without you two wouldn’t be nearly the fun.

I love you both.


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Ride the Wave.

Annnddd, my favorite pic of the week….

“Eh…I’m pretty much awesomer than Superman.”

And, he is.  No doubt.

A big thank ya to Aunt Brenda for taking this pic at the soccer field. 

In the disappointment newsroom, I asked my sweet husband yesterday if he read my blog post.  His response:

“I think you lost your coat this morning.”

I found it.  Quickly.  Okay, I found it an hour or so later.  I was a much happier momma once I put it back on.  Perhaps a better caption for the above photo is:

Jett:  “So, women lose their coats a lot?”

Dad:  “Yeah, they do son.  You just gotta ride the wave.”

Have a great weekend, y’all.


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Our Weekend In Pictures.

I’m officially the mother of a seven year old.

JH - 7yo wp

Er, soccer is back.

Anna - weekend wp

Daddy Bryan came out to celebrate.

Bryan - JH weekend wp

So did Nan.

Mom - weekend wp

My husband rocks. 

Kris - JH weekend wp

But, he rocks every weekend.

And, this is what 15 ½ weeks looks like.

Pregnant 15 wks wp

Well, it’s what it looks like on me. 

Let’s be honest.  There are probably a few of Kris’ homemade cinnamon rolls in that picture, too. 

It was a fun weekend filled with a ton of love.  I am thankful for a Nan is who continues to be a great mom.  I am thankful for a daughter who lets her fun personality show in her pictures.  I am thankful for a son who makes my heart melt.  And, I’m thankful for two dads who love that one son so much that they even enjoy one another.

Oh, and I’m thankful for the littlest Takle.

That’s my weekend.

How was yours?


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What Does He See?

Every once and awhile, he commandeers my camera.  When I upload my pics, I’m sure to find one like this:

JH - 7yo blog

And this:

JH 7yo blog 2

I don’t dare delete them.  Not even the random pictures of a plant on my end table.  It gives me a peek into what captures his attention.  I’m sure he goes back and observes his photography on my digital camera.  And, I’m sure he sees his self-portraits. 

I wonder what he sees when he sees himself.

Does he notice how beautiful his eyes are?

How his gentle spirit emanates from him every time he smiles?

Does he see God’s grace in his reflection even though he doesn’t know what to call it?

Does he see how he was perfectly and wonderfully made?

Because, that’s what I sure see every time I look at him. 

That’s what I saw seven years ago today when I held him in my arms for the very first time.  He is my sweet reminder of God’s incredible presence in my life in the midst of joy and suffering.  He is my sweet reminder that no matter what season I am forced to endure, God’s grace is always sufficient.

Happy Birthday, John Henry. 

Love, love, love you.


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