I’m Hoping There Were No Other Bridesmaid Dresses Available.

Thirty-seven years ago today, my parents said I do……

And, subsequently, forced their wedding party to wear large bow ties and red dresses with white lace that only the Amish could love.  We’ll just let the awesome, red veil accessories speak for themselves. 

Thirty-seven years is a very long time, especially by today’s standards.  Of course, I don’t know every detail of their marriage.  But, I do know it has not been without struggle.  Nor, has it been without a relentless commitment to working through it all. 

Even years into their journey, they saw things in their marriage that needed to be changed.  And, they did what they had to do to not just fix it – but make it brand new.

I love their unyielding commitment to Christ.

To each other.

To us.

To the body of Christ.

And, I especially love the fact that they still never say goodbye to one another on a simple phone call without first saying, “I love you.”

I love those two. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.


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6 responses to “I’m Hoping There Were No Other Bridesmaid Dresses Available.

  1. Kevin

    I love you two! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Your parents are very special to Joe and me. Thanks for sharing them with us and the Body of Christ!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BARBARA AND BUREN!!

  3. Love the picture!! Pictures do say a thousand words!! WOW! Loved seeing it! The blog is great too. You are def a product of that love they share!! Happy 37th anniversary to one great couple!! Love them dearly! And you & yours by the way!!

  4. marla

    just saw her today and didn’t know it was their anniversary…I gave her cupcakes though so thats kinda like an anniversary present from me. hahaha Boy have they changed since then…they’ve aged very well!! I must know her secret!! I also would like to see a closer pic of those bridemaids gowns b/c they look like night-gowns and what the world is that on their heads??

  5. What’s wrong with those dresses?

    And that is precisely why you dress me.

    Happy anniversary amazing parents of Dusty!

  6. Mom

    Oh My Goodness!! Dusty Leigh, now you must remember it WAS 37 years ago…:) I am so blessed that my friends still speak to me after looking at these “old” pics!
    Thanks everyone for being so kind with your comments.
    And Marla, the cupcakes were awesome!!!! Thank you~

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